What’s the best plan for heroin detox at home?

I would say that the best possible heroin detox at home would be number one that is well planed out. In order for anyone’s heroin home detox to be successful you need to think ahead and plan your opiate detox at home step by step.

Surrender may be the key to heroin addiction recovery


One of the first things one needs to do is be sure that they are done using heroin before they even begin a home heroin detox. What I mean by this is that a total surrender is necessary we have to admit that drugs have beaten us down at every turn we have tried every conceivable way to use successfully and failed miserably. Once we know in our hearts that we can no longer use any mind controlling substance then help becomes available.

Many of us have lost every thing we once held dear like our wives, husbands, jobs, money, and our freedom. We were a prisoner in our own minds held captive to our addiction to heroin we had to do what ever was necessary to get one more fix of heroin some of us stole, sold our bodies, robbed people, and sold drugs in order to survive.

Heroin home remedies

Some of the best home remedies for detoxing opiate painkillers can be found in any pharmacy. Here is a list of things that will help ease your heroin withdrawal somewhat. Keep in mind that these over the counter medications are meant to help to alieve withdrawal symptoms not to rid them entirely because in order for that to happen you would have to have some prescription medications or go to some type of opiate addiction treatment facility.

Over the counter medications for opiate withdrawal ease


What you will need to get is some Motrin and Tylenol this will help with leg cramps, headaches, and overall aces and pains that you did not feel due to using the very powerful painkiller heroin.

Next you will get something that will help control diarrhea this can be something that contains Imodium. I would also get something to help with sleep. I would try Benadryl, Valerian root, or Melatonin.

One thing a lot of folks fail to do is to ask someone to come and stay with them during their opiate detox. What they fail to realize is that the odds are already against them trying to quit heroin cold turkey but with another person present to support them may make all the difference in the world; furthermore, knowing that someone actually cares enough about you to stick with you during your time of need could very well be the deciding factor as far as whether you get clean and sober or not.

I would only recommend going cold turkey heroin if you have no other alternative. The best option and the one most addicts prefer is going to an opiate addiction treatment facility. Why this is the best way is because one can be medically detoxed from opiates and follow up with residential treatment.

What is opiate rehab is all about?

Many addicts that go to rehab do not have a clue about how to recover from drug addiction this is why residential treatment is so important its like recovery 101. In residential treatment you will learn about 12 step recovery programs like Narcotics and Alcoholics anonymous. Attend group therapy sessions where you will discuss topics about drug addict and have the chance to share what led you to seeking help for your addiction. Everyone will also be required to attend individual substance addiction counseling. I can not stress enough how important it is to be through and honest about what’s going on with you.

The thing is inpatient treatment is not a cure for addiction it is just there to give you some tools that you can use when you leave rehab so don’t be flirting other patients it will lead to nowhere. Pay attention to what the staff is trying to teach you it may actually save your life one day. I would treat every day there like ones life depends on it because rather you know it or not it actually does.

In my opinion treatment facilities are there to help introduce you to the 12 steps whether that be NA or AA. to me they are the same a meeting is a meeting….

The bottom line is to do whatever it takes to get clean because if you have not lost everything yet if you keep using drugs you will eventually!


Good luck

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