"What Is The Success Rate Of Recovering From Drug Addiction And Alcoholism?"

Are you a recovering addict who wonders What Is The Success Rate of AA or for Recovering From Drug Addiction And Alcoholism?”

Have you ever wondered or contemplated on Drug Addiction recovery or Alcoholism and more so, have you asked yourself the question “What is the success rate of recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism?”

Usually, this scenario is experienced by a drug or alcohol dependent’s immediate family because more often than not, a substance addict does not want to get rehabilitated. As a matter of fact, a typical drug or alcohol addict does not even readily admit the particular addiction even when already confronted by the family or some friends.

However, especially with constant gentle prodding from loved ones, an addict will eventually confess and this should ideally be the opportunity to talk about substance abuse treatment.

Since substance addiction should be treated as an illness or disease and not as a curse, the involved family members must tell the addict that because they love him or her, they must all make plans for drug addiction recovery or alcoholism, at the soonest time possible.

By and large, the major drug and alcohol addiction treatment or rehabilitation centers claim to have more than 70% success rate. Meaning, out of four former addicts, three will leave the facilities clean from the drugs or alcohol used, and will stay sober for a while but most will relapse within thirty days or less.

Considering the easy access and the affordability of many kinds of drugs and alcohol, this success rate is very good for short term success in other words these substance abuse treatment can point you in the write direction while at the same time getting you free from drugs and alcohol.

Now keep in mind here that every one that successfully makes it through substance abuse addiction treatment will at least leave with a fighting chance. Now what they do with this opportunity is a whole other ballgame.

The addicts who have had enough of being beaten down by drugs and sick and tired of running out of dope or booze will stand a better chance of not using in the future. Let me just say that this can be done by all of you because… any addict, that is any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use drugs, and find a new way to live clean and sober. Do not count yourself out because this includes you too!

Of course, an affected family or the addict himself or herself must not solely rely on the statistics or claims since the overall success should come from the personal efforts of each addict as well as the family.

In my opinion those who are trying to recover from drug addiction or alcoholism should pay no mind to statistics at all; in fact, what they should be concentrating on is their recovery and staying clean another day. This will be enough for any addict new to recovery.

It has been my experience that those who try to do to many things at once when they get out of drug rehab start to get overwhelmed when things start coming apart or in other works not going according to plan and they relapse so do not put too much on your plate.

Inpatient detox treatment

In other words, there must be determination, intent, and seriousness to get well. Hence, an effective collaboration within the family, and also with the medical staff who will handle the inpatient detox treatment that they should follow. The treatment centers are mainly categorized into two, the inpatient and the outpatient rehab facilities.

The inpatient centers are for the addicts who do not desire to be treated, whilst the outpatient ones are for those who voluntarily want to recover from their respective addictions.

Whether you are a concerned family member or you have been addicted to a certain substance, you must seek professional help at once. And so as to obtain the most excellent and most effective treatment, you should talk this out to the entire immediate family.

How to get the best Substance abuse rehab

Proper brainstorming, research and planning will not only make you to be sure you get the best substance abuse rehab or alcohol rehabilitation center, but will also ensure that you or your afflicted loved one will really recover from the addiction.

After the planning stage, the implementation of all the plans will be done in the premises of the chosen treatment center wherein every patient usually undergoes detoxification of the accumulated toxins from the used substance.

Subsequently, assessment by the highly trained medical staff will be performed, and this will manifest the extent of the addiction which will in turn determine what medication will be needed.

Then, usually, there are sessions of counseling, therapy, and physical exercise to make the patients’ bodies and minds ready for complete recovery which typically takes months. Eventually, after the opted treatment, soberness will ensue with love, care, understanding, and guidance.

Good luck and God bless

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