The Best Way to Quit Smoking Weed

If you want to quit smoking weed then what you should think about doing is to change your entire life from the inside out.  Yes this probably sounds a bit extreme but if you are really addicted to smoking the stuff then it is going to take nothing less than this for your success.

Most who try to quit smoking weed get sucked back in because of the lifestyle that goes along with it.  It is not so much about the smoking itself or even the high that it produces, but more about the social aspect involved and the groups of people you hang around with and the people that you buy it from and so on.

It is about the rituals involved and the glorification and the lifestyle that we aspire to when we choose to get high.  If you want to know the best way to quit smoking then you need to consider the fact that you need to change everything about your life, including your friends, your job, where you live, how you spend your time, and so on.

This is a major lifestyle change, not simply the elimination of a bad habit.  If you view it as a bad habit to be eliminated then you are going to fall short of your goal.

What is the best way to quit smoking marijuana

The key is to maintain strict abstinence and then start creating a new life for yourself.  This can be hard to do if you are stuck in a circle of friends or family that is constantly smoking the stuff all around you.  In some cases you will need to break away from these environments if you want to change your life and quit smoking blunts. Now there is a great way to begin this process with marijuana treatment The price for doing this can seem very high but if you want to create real change then it might be necessary.

How to quit smoking blunts

Long term treatment might seem like overkill for a marijuana addiction, but if you are young and feel trapped then it might be just the ticket.

If you think you may be addicted to weed I would treat it like an addiction to any other drug. If it marijuana is causing you problems in your life you may indeed have an addiction to marijuana but this is not for me to say this is something that one has to decide for themselves.

Now if you do in fact want to quit smoking weed you will have to quit going to places where you know it will be you will also have to drop some of the people you hang out with you will know which ones. Some you may be able to just distance yourself from especially if they are good friends and you have more in common than just smoking marijuana.

I would even consider going to addiction therapy do not let the word addiction scare you here many pot smokers are involved in drug addiction therapy these days. It may help you and if money is a concern they probably have cut rates for people without insurance.

Good luck

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