The best way to get through Hydrocodone Withdrawal without relapsing on other drugs or alcohol

If you are struggling with hydrocodone withdrawal not to worry there is plenty of drug addiction help out there available to you. There are many ways one can get through withdrawal without relapsing; for example many addicts attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings to avoid relapse.

The best way to avoid a drug relapse

Relapse is a common occurrence among people trying to stop drug abuse. Even though it happens to many it does not have to happen to you. If you take action on a daily basis no matter how little this action is. It will help you to stay clean and sober. Many of use have used for so long that we completely forgot how to live. We have to learn how to retrain our minds by using positive reinforcements like attending meetings and helping others who are still struggling with addiction to opiates.

A lot of times it is hard for a newcomer to make health choices in early recovery this is why I would suggest that for those who are new to recovery to attend as many meetings as you can. By attending meetings on a daily basis you will become stronger and more able to get through trying times when you are tempted to use.

When I left rehab after my last use I attended 90 meetings in 90 days back to back. I would recommend this to every one who is serious about their drug addiction recovery.

Today I am going to let you know how anyone with the desire to can stop using hydrocodone and beat hydrocodone addiction.

While we usually think of drug abuse as something that occurs with substances like meth or cocaine, prescription drugs are quickly becoming a major problem across our nation. The number one drug which is abused that contains hydrocodone is vicodin, there are a lot of runner ups these days too.

This drug is a very powerful substance that is often used to treat pain, is among the most commonly abused prescription drugs. While this medication is known for giving people euphoric, peaceful feelings, it can also be quite addictive and many recreational users can’t quite once they have started taking it.

I am not so sure that they can not quit its more like a fear of quitting this drug. The reason for this fear is that when it comes right down to its a fear of opiate withdrawal and it can be devastating if not treated properly; in fact, it can be as rough as heroin withdrawal after all it is an opiate like drug.

If you or someone you care about is hooked on this medication, this article will help you understand how to overcome drug addiction and withdrawal.


The best way how to stop hydrocodone

The first step to leaving this type of drug addiction behind is to go through  hydrocodone detox. Detox is the process when the chemicals leave the user’s body. During a detox, the vast majority of  addicts will experience withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms during a hydrocodone detox may include extreme anxiety, vomiting, heart palpitations, panic attacks, lack of concentration, sweating/chills, nausea, muscle pains, and other flu-like symptoms. Those going through a detox often have terribly cravings for more of the drug.

While the withdrawal process will be unpleasant, it is very important to remember just how bad it was so you think twice about using again. Little do many people know but this medication can destroy a user’s liver and may also wreck an addict’s life along with their relationships with others.

Some people choose to do a detox at home cold turkey hydrocodone while others go to a drug rehab facility. Whatever decision you make, do it with care and, preferably, the help of close family or friends.

Going through a detox at home can be especially uncomfortable so you will need to make preparations ahead of time and make certain that you have lots of support. Choosing a rehab center can also be a very challenging decision and a center should be decided on with care.

After going through withdrawal, an addict is on the beginning of their road to being drug-free. With the help of close friends, drug counselors, and addiction programs, you will be able to over-come your withdrawal from opioid drugs.

In my recovery from drug addiction I have found it necessary to put together a plan and have some obtainable goals then take action to follow through with each of you commitments; for example, you could make a goal to make 90 meetings in 90 days if you are new to recovery you should be doing this anyway. Every time you complete a goal will boost your confidence and will probably give you warm fuzzy’s.

Once you have completed your 90 in 90 goal its time to make another on for me it was to do another 90. It can be anything you choose for example you may want to go back to school or get a better job now that you are clean and sober. So make a list of the things you can do to make this happen and then do them. Write down when you start your new goal and when you plan on completing it. Goals are great!

Panic Attack

How to taper off of hydrocodone or vicodin

One way to prevent withdrawal from vicodin or hydrocodone is to taper yourself off of your prescription medication. If you intend to give this a shot the first thing I would recommend that you do is contact the prescribing physician. They can come up with a plan for you to taper off of hydrocodone that should prevent any serious withdrawal symptoms and if your lucky you may not have any. Keep in mid that this could depend on how much and how often you used them.

What generally happens is that your hydrodone detox plan will consist of you slowly reducing the number of milligrams that you normally use each day. This can be done quickly or over an extended period. Now people that have become addicted to this prescription drug from coping them on the streets can use the same formula as if you were getting them legally from a doctor.

What I would do is start by lowering your intake lets just say hypothetically by one half pill per day if this is too much and you start to experience withdrawal symptoms reduce your dosage a little less its sort of like a trial and error sort of thing but it can be done.

One last thing I would suggest is that you do not try to do this alone because if you are truly an addict you will more than likely never make it because you will eat them all up and fail miserably to avoid this I recommend that you give your prescription to a trusted friend or better yet a family member would be a top notch choice too. They can give your medication to you according to your detox schedule and this will prevent you from taking them all.


How you can get on suboxone free


If you are struggling from opiate abuse or prescription drug addiction you should know that there is plenty of help out there and as a matter of fact you may be able to get on Suboxone free.

I recently had a friend that just returned home from opiate rehab who was placed on Suboxone maintenance when he left rehab and was given a months supply for absolutely nothing. What happened was while he was in treatment his doctor asked him what he thought about getting on Suboxone maintenance and said that it would be great. After this he met with the nurse and she contacted medicade and they approved his suboxone treatment for one year.

If you are seeking information on how to find a Suboxone Dr. then please follow this link and type in your zip code then check the box on how many miles you are willing to drive. Now all you have to do is make up your mind to do this take action.

In order to make this happen you’re going to have to take action; furthermore, action is the key to recovering from any type of drug addiction.

Good luck

11 thoughts on “The best way to get through Hydrocodone Withdrawal without relapsing on other drugs or alcohol”

  1. I have been on pain pills for 3 years now..I had very bad kidney problems. Just recently I have had my right kidney removed..I’m going on my second day or withdraws..I constanly get hot n cold flashes and always running to the bathroom..I’ve tryed hot baths but it seems it helps but only while I’m in it. When I get out im short of breath and feel really emotions are up & down one min I’m mad next happy..I want to get threw this but I crave the drug so

  2. Hi Jackie thanks for sharing. What you are going through is perfectly natural. It takes time find something to keep busy no matter what it is. When I used to get cravings I would find something like the serenity prayer and every time I felt like using I would say it. I was saying it like a thousand times a day and I am not shitting you one bit.

    Here’s the thing as long is your mind is on something else you will not be craving or wanting to use find some short say even if its just I don’t want to use today God help me make it through and when ever your craving come say it again and it will go away and when it comes back do it again. It takes practice but it works.

    Good luck and if you need anything else just holler

  3. Hi I have had a few surgeries and have been on the pain killers for 3 months is there anything I can do to ease the muscle pain

  4. Hi Jen thanks for your comment. The best thing I can tell you is to try some Motrin or Aleve it has naproxen in it. Another thing you could do is ask your doctor for some no narcotic pain medication or antiinflamatory meds.

  5. Hi, My husband and I were in a serious car accident 4 months ago and i was hospitalized for over a month. Its been 4 months of me taking Hydrocodone and its day 3 of withdrawl. So far it hasnt been so bad. The only thing I am having a big problem with is the extreme back and neck pain. Ive tried tylenol and motrin but they dont seem to help. :/

    1. Hi Samantha

      You may want to talk to your doctor about getting some no narcotic pain medication they have some pretty good ones these days.

      Good luck

  6. I’ve been on lortabs for 2 yrs, I of course don’t get the same feeling as I first did, I take 3 or 4 at max a day, but I can’t find any so im going through day two withdrawals. I’m cranky, have body aches,restless,headache, nauseous and bad diarrhea,sorry for to much info. This sucks,I’ve tried to stop before but I feel better when I have it but im realizing it almost makes me more irritable while on the drug,hence mean to my loved ones but I don’t realize this until im off of it. Evil drug this is.

  7. Hi. I havent been using hydrocodone for long maybe about a month or two. I got it from getting a tooth pulled and i work very closly with medications. I hate being on it but it seems like its the only thing that will help with my body aches and keeps me energized. I keep saying just one more. Its infront of my face all day. I dont know what to do anymore. :(

    1. Hi there

      Yes I know all about how it stops the aches and pains and energizes you but after a while it will take more and more to get this effect then the day will come when it does not work at all.

      I can not say when this will be but if you keep using it will happen anyway this has been my experience and many others I know as well.

      One thing you may want to do is consider is going to rehab before it gets any worse or maybe just start attending some 12 step meetings.

      Good luck

  8. Hi, my husband and I have been using hydrocodone for 3 years, only getting bad this last year and a half. We abuse it recreationally and don’t have a dr to help us taper. My husband recently lost his job due to our addiction. It feels like our life is falling apart. We want to quit and have a couple times in the pastbut never for more than a week. We can’t afford treatments and the withdrawals and the anxiety are so do we stop forever

  9. This is one month sober, after taking 7 (10 mg) norcos a day or which ever ones I could find, I not happy at all, I just want to get in a ball and cry every day, I don’t know how to be motivated or happy at all. I have no energy and the hydros seem to be the only thing that made me happy, I don’t know what to do i thought this part would be over but after two year of my whole mind being on this how when where to get them, 24 hour is a long time some days are so hard. I don’t want to go to meeting because how much can they help? Ppl in a room bacisally beating off about how great they used to feel. For some reason they quit and talking about it is the closes thing to getting it, not that I’m hating just negative right now about everything, yes I no I’m a pussy!! This shit is fucking hard!!

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