Stop using drugs-long term drug rehab

I what to encourage everyone one out there who may be trying to stop using drugs to never give up. I would like everyone to keep in mind to do not give up on the idea of getting clean and sober because one never knows when the miracle will happen.

That’s right do not stop trying I don’t care whether you have been to 5 or 50 substance abuse rehabs in the past never stop trying we never know when the miracle will happen. The reason I am say this is it took me over 30 years of attempting to get clean to finally actually get clean and in that time I probably went to close to a dozen rehabs.

I did finally stop using drugs in long term drug rehab. I was in a regular 3 week residential treatment center and I new I could not stop using heroin if I went back to my home town. There happened to be a long term rehab right next door to the facility I was at so I signed up. There was a waiting list to get in. I was not sure whether I would get in before it was time for me to leave residential treatment. Here is how God worked it for me the day I was to leave treatment and go home someone left the long term treatment center and I got in. That was amazing I still remember that many years later.

Stop using drugs in Long term drug rehab


Now if you decide you want to stop using drugs in long term drug rehab you will have to make a commitment to stay any where from 6 months to 2 years. I stayed the full 2 years. If you go be prepared to go to 90 meetings in 90 days and if you use you will more than likely have to leave at least that’s how it was where I went. This protected the rest of us who were clean and provided a safe living environment. We also attended group twice a week, and attend individual therapy once a week.

We were required to work or go to school. I chose to go to school it was scary at first because I was much older that the other students. I did however get more comfortable as time passed. I got good grades and I am currently about to graduate with a degree in Social Work. This will allow me to get paid for helping other addicts to get clean. How can you beat that! Any way if I were you I would start looking for a long term rehab today. That is if you want to change your life and gain back some of the things you may have lost along the way due to your drug addiction.

It does not really matter if you want to go back to school or change careers or getting clean is the first step you do not have to decide to do anything else write now but stay clean and sober this will be enough for a lot of you for a while.

Good luck

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