Why You Should Stop Snorting Dilaudid

Dilaudid is a very potent  potent pain reliever  I started using it over 30 years ago. This means that all one has to do is go to their Dr. with some type of severe pain and you may get dilaudid. This has caused an increase in dilaudid addiction not only in the U. S. but may other countries as well and I believe this to be true because I get a lot of visits from people in Mumbai and South Africa wanting help with how to stop snorting dilaudid.


How to stop using hydromorphone

There are a couple ways one can stop snorting hydromorphone. The first is to go to dilaudid addiction treatment there you cango through a dilaudid detox medically. This is done by a staff of trained proffesionals so you will not have to fear your dilaudid withdrawal.

First thing one needs to do is locate a dilaudid rehab near them then make an appointment to go in. Once there the first thing that will happen is a trained staff member will administer to you some prescription medication to help with your dilaudid withdrawal symptoms. For this will more than likely be suboxone. They generally use this for 3 to 5 days then it is on to residental treatment. In residenatal treatment you will learn how to stop inhaling dilaudid by attending lectures, group, 12 step meetings, and drug addiction therapy. This is to prepare you to stay clean and sober when you leave rehab and not return to to rehab for  dilaudid addiction again.

The next choice you have is to stop using dilaudid at home. This is very difficult unless you have medication to help you so I would suggest that you use the first option if at all possible. I have stopped at home and believe me it is not easy. If you do decide to kick dilaudid at home I would suggest you have someone stay with you while you go through your withdrawal for moral support.

I got hooked on this drug almost 40 years ago when they were dirt cheap and you could drop them in a syrenge with water and just shake them up and do your thing. I got them from a cancer patient every month I bought all his scripts.

In the beginning I started out sniffing dilaudid. This went on several months because I did not know how to inject dilaudid all by my self and plus I was scared of needles.

Then a friend of mine offered to shoot me up with diaudid so I gave it a try after that seems like I was calling him every day then one day I could not get a hold of him and I fixed it up and shot the dope all by myself. From that day on I was shooting them and it was not long after that I began shooting heroin.

Stop using dilaudid today and get clean and sober just like I did. Keep in mind that anyone can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use drugs, and find a better way to live in drug addiction recovery.

How to quit dilaudid at home

It is possible to kick dilaudid in the privacy of your own home and it does off certain advantages over rehab such as you can lay on the couch watching TV while you detox from opiates or you can go to the fridge and grab a sandwich and a soda. The drawback is that you will not have the medical detox that rehabs so you will have to stop opiates cold turkey. If you choose this method you will want to go to the drug store and pick up some over the counter medications to help your detox go a bit better.

Good luck

One thought on “Why You Should Stop Snorting Dilaudid”

  1. hi Curt,
    I have been reading all your articles regarding Dilaudid addiction. It has its hook pretty deep in me after a year snorting. I am just getting back to Colorado from Thailand again and ready to quit. With 20 years sober in 3 weeks from alcohol here I find myself with inherent opiod addiction issues from pain. I will be 60 next month and tired of the GI distress and craving issues. Please, could you reach out to me for help how to do this.
    Thank you very much

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