Getting Help for vicodin withdrawal at home without rehab

Are you having financial difficulty and can not afford to go to drug rehab so you are looking for help how to overcome vicodin withdrawal at home?

Vicodin is a prescription painkiller prescribed by doctors to help patients deal with mild, moderate, and severe pain. Vicodin is the major brand name of the drug hydrocodone furthermore, this medcaition is the ingredient that stops pain and makes you feel good this is why addicts seek it out and abuse will lead to hydrocodone addiction. This drug has been the number one pain medication prescribed around the world for a long time now.

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Well there is good news because you can beat vicodin addiction in the privacy of your own home; in fact, many people may desire to kick vicodin this way because they can get up and go to the fridge and make a sandwich or put in a DVD and watch movies all night whenever they want.

The drawback is that you will have to stop using vicodin cold turkey unless you have been previously prescribed  Xanax or Valium to help ease your withdrawal from Vicodin.

Home remedies for opiate withdrawal using OTC medication and xanax

Ok lets take a closer look at some home remedies for vicodin detox at home. If you are thinking about using xanax or valium to help ease withdrawal you will be a lot more comfortable than those who do not but if not you can use these remedies with over the counter medications.

Over the counter medication for hydrocodone detox

What you will want to get is Motrin and Tylenol they will help with various muscle pains and cramping, I would also get some Imodium to help with diarrhea, another thing that may help sleeping problems is Benadryl or Valirum Root.

Years ago when I was trying to quit using opiates I had used every dime I had on Morphine, Percocet, and Vicodin pills, so in other words I had no money to go to rehab. I had no other alternative than to quit at home, so what I did was have a friend come and stay with me while I detoxed from opiates.

I would also set a date for when you intend to quit using vicodin and a couple of days before your day stay awake as much as possible this should help you to sleep through a lot of your withdrawal.

If you are going to use the method it is important to plan ahead and have a recovery program in place for when you finish detoxing. This is where a lot of people go wrong in rehab as well because they fail to have a plan in place for when they leave rehab.

When I got clean and sober I attended NA meetings every single day, got a sponsor and called him every day too. If you are willing to do these suggestions you can get clean and find a new way to live too. The only other alternative is jails. Institutions, and death and keep in mind that it does not have to come in this order!

One thing I can tell you for sure is that if you do not get some sort of opiate addiction help things are not going to get any better, in fact they will continue to get worse until you did of the horrors of drug addiction. There are several ways to get help but you have to ask for it recovery is for those who want it not for those who need it.

Good luck

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