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Reasons for Therapy in Early Recovery

One reason is you need to recognize that addicts and alcoholics can recover alone. If we could there would be no need for therapists. Once we decide to reach out help is available to us.

Another reason would be if you were anything like me in the beginning I honestly did not know which foot I was supposed to start walking with when I got out of bed do I take a step with the left or the right foot. Do you think that’s a good enough reason for addiction therapy? Maybe not quite the case but you get the general idea.

All I knew was that I was sick and tired of using and needed help with my addiction in the worst possible way. Once we start to become will to work on ourselves we open the door to recover. One thing we need to be is patient with ourselves and that takes practice. It’s like everything need to be relearned.

It will also allow us to start to trust someone and then we can start unloading some of the shit we have loaded up inside us for years. What a relief it is kind of like what Rolaids says how to you spell relief I spell it unload what ever is troubling you!

Making the decision to reach out for help and enter counseling can be very difficult. That is why it is important that you seek out a therapist that is going to be right for you. Sometimes we enter counseling believing that the therapists know everything and we must do as they say after all they are the so-called “professionals”. We tend to think that they are better than us and know more then we do. The truth is, we are the ones that are the experts when it comes to our lives, out drug use and our recovery.

Sometimes we will find a therapist that tends to treat us like we are unstable and they refuse to listen to what we have to say. Just because we are addicts does not mean that we do not know what we are talking about.

I got news for you addicts are some of the most intelligent people in the world. We had to be in order to survive. We do have the right to disagree with therapists that try to make us to do things we do not agree with and we have the right to express what we want from therapy.

First and foremost the therapist is there for you they are to work with you and try there best to help you, they are not there to control your life and tell you how to live it. As addicts we tend not to be very assertive and people pleasing when we are not using.

In my experience I have come across therapists that were not helpful to me and actually helped me to stay focused on my behaviors, rather than helping me to deal with the underlying issues. For a long time I stayed with them believing I was doing something wrong and when I did have slips, they made me feel worse.

After a wasting time with that therapist I knew that what I needed was someone to help me look deep inside myself to find out why I was doing this. I did not need someone totally focusing on my behaviors, putting me down, etc.

It took a while, but I came to see that just because someone has “initials” after their name, does not mean that they deserve them. If you are with a therapist that you feel is not helping you, do not be afraid to leave and seek out another one.

In my opinion we need to do what is right for us and what is best for our recovery. There are some super great therapists out there that can and will help you if you let them.

Not all therapists have the same approach and since all of us are different and do not all recover in the same way, we need to find the therapist whose approach works for and helps us.

We sometimes tend to get discouraged if we do not like our first counselor and want to give up and not try again. It is important that you do because you will find one that is right for you. I had to go through a couple but I did not give up and I was lucky enough to come across two very wonderful people that have helped me tremendously. There are some good therapists out there and you will find one, just never give up looking.

Addiction therapy session

* I would suggest that you find a therapist who specializes in addiction. Find a therapist who you feel comfortable with. If you do not feel comfortable, you probably will not be willing to open up about personal issues.

* I would suggest you find a therapist who does not act or come across as too “professional”. One that is informal and casual will make you feel more comfortable.

* Look for a therapist who treats you as an equal and does not treat you as though you are sick and unstable. You already probably feel less than as it is why add to it.

* Look for therapist who will listen to your points of view and does not feel their way is the only way to recover.

* Find one that willing to spend time dealing with emotional issues that may be causing you to use.

* I would get one that does not force you to talk about things you don’t feel like talking about.

* Find a therapist who will encourage you. As addicts we generally suffer from low self esteem so encouragement is necessary.

* You may want to find one that will call you on your B. S. when you are intentionally avoiding issues.

* I would not want a therapist that talks about their problems either. I mean who is the one paying for the session and needs the help.

* Look for one who will be available for crisis on emergency basis because you never know when something threatening your well being will come up.

* Find an addictions therapist that will help you to find new ways in which to cope with your problems.

* The most important thing to me is to find one who will encourage and support you in your recovery.

Therapists must adhere to a code of ethics established by the NASW that will not let them share any information whether verbal or written without your consent. Therefore what is said there stays there!

I have stated in other posts how important therapy was for me and I will say it again. Therapy allowed me to start to see the real me and start to make some changes. I think basically what I knew about living you could put in a nutshell.

I had to change a lot because the only thing I could do well was use and I really did not do that to well either. I always ended up in jail or O. D.

If you want to change your life I would strongly suggest going to addiction therapy.

Good luck

Helping you to recover from drug and alcohol addiction