How to deal with heroin withdrawal at home

I know for certain that there are a lot of people out there wanting to know the best way to treat heroin withdrawal at home. One thing is sure heroin is a lot purer and cheaper than in the past so it should not come as a surprise that the number of heroin addicts is increasing so a lot of folks will have to learn how to deal with withdrawing from heroin.

This can be a bit frightening but do not fear most of the bad things you hear about it are just folklore aka rumors. Hollywood is a lot to blame for this. Who wants to see a movie about drugs where the guy is not in some kind of opiate withdrawal pain.


Detoxing heroin at home and getting through withdrawal

If you decide to use a home heroin detox you must be prepared because you will in fact be sick if you are doing this with no medication. Some of the heroin symptoms will included…

Withdrawal from heroin Symptoms

• Craving heroin

• Loss of appetite

• Shakes

• Insomnia

• Goose bumps

• Cramping legs

• Yawning

• Restless let syndrome

At home heroin detox

If you choose to go through heroin detox in the privacy of your own home then try to stay awake a couple of nights before you intend to stop using this will perhaps make you tired enough to sleep through worst of your withdrawal.

I think it wise if you happen to be a member of NA ask a member to stay with you while you detox from heroin if you are not a member ask a friend or family member to stay with you. They will prove to be invaluable during this process as far as support as well as many other things concerning how to stop heroin at home.

Now you will also want to pick up some over the counter medical supplies to help get you through the heroin detox and withdrawal process. You should be able to find everything you need at your local drug store.

Ok you are going to need some Motrin for headache and leg cramps or in other words restless leg syndrome. You may also want to pick up some Benadryl in case you still can not sleep.

Next you will want to find some kind of diarrhea medication. One other thing you can get that may help you somewhat is Gator-aid this will replenish your electrolytes. They gave me this all the time in drug rehab when I went in for a heroin detox.
Substance addiction treatment with medical detox

I will be honest with you if you can afford it go to treatment and get yourself detoxed medically and then you can continue with residential treatment.

If you want to detox from heroin medically I would concentrate on finding a heroin rehab in the proximity of your residence. The main reason for this is simply that this will allow family and friends a chance to support you in your heroin addiction recovery and it will make it very easy for them to visit. If there is not one in your location there may be an opiate rehab near you which is just as good and basically the same thing with a different name.

Once admitted to heroin addiction rehab you will meet with trained staff member who have been taught how to help individuals with a substance abuse problem particularly opioids.

First thing they will more than likely show you the detox center and provide you with a bed. They will also give you a prescription drug to help ease your withdrawal symptoms.
A staff member will be there to monitor and see to your needs every day around the clock. Should you need someone to talk to while you are detoxing they will be there to support you to the best of their ability.

I have personally detoxed in drug rehabs where the staff members were recovering addicts themselves.
So they will know exactly what you are going through. They can give you some heroin addiction recovery tips how they stay clean. I can not describe what it feels like to have another addict present with you while you go through this brutal ordeal. This process will take most addicts around 5 days maybe a tad longer for extra hard core heroin addicts.

In residential treatment you will go to group and listen to lectures as well as watch videos about addiction. All of this is very helpful for the addict to learn the tools they will later need in recovery so if you have the chance take this route. I have stopped using heroin both ways and the latter is by far the most comfortable way to kick.

Getting suboxone for free

I recently came across some good news from a friend of mine that recently left rehab. He told me that when he left rehab they provided him with a months supply of suboxone at no charge; furthermore, they contacted Medicaid for him and they approved him for suboxone treatment for one year. He lives in Michigan so anyone that want to use this medication to get through opiate or painkiller withdrawal should look into it if your not from Michigan they you can check your state there is a good chance you can get approved too.

Here is a link to help you find a Suboxone Dr. go to and type in your zip code then check the box on how many miles you are capable of driving. The next step is to take action and make it happen.

Making a recovery plan to stay sober

Everyone that quits heroin from home or rehab needs to think ahead about how they intend to stay clean and sober when they have completed detox. My suggestion is that before you leave rehab that you get together with your substance abuse counselor and devise a recovery plan that will help you to remain clean after leaving treatment. Those of you who are kicking heroin at home need a plan also.

One thing I recommend is attending meetings daily this will help you to build a solid recovery foundation; furthermore you will meet some new friends because you will not be able to be around your old using friends. I thought I was strong enough to hang out with my friends that were still using and I was a couple times but after that I eventually used right along with them.

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