Overcoming addiction and getting through Roxy Withdrawal

 Overcoming a Roxy addiction can be an excruciating experience. One reason for this is a lot of people continue to use roxy’s because they are afraid to go through the excruciating pain of roxy withdrawal.

The war against drugs is quickly moving from dark street alleys to the medicine cabinets of our own, seemingly safe homes. More and more people are becoming addicted to painkillers such as Roxicodone. While many get their addiction to roxys while looking for a way to get high, others can become hooked while taking the drug for serious pain following doctor recommendations.


Roxicodone, is also known as Roxy’s to people that abuse this prescription medication on a regular basis, it is a prescription painkiller that is made from the substance oxycodone hydrochloride. Roxies are often taken orally, but can also be smoked or injected when melted down.
Studies have found that many addicts turn to heroin as a cheaper substance, proving that Roxicodone is a “gateway” drug.

Roxicodone gives users feelings of euphoria along with increased energy and often the belief that they can do more than ever before. Some other side effects of oxycodone addiction include anxiety, muscle spasms, mood changes, nausea, convulsions, and respiratory problems.

How to Overcome Roxicodone

loseWeight_3Those who start taking Roxies for health problems usually become physically addicted and then mentally addicted, while those who take them for fun become mentally and then physically addicted. In either case if you want to quit using roxy’s and overcome addiction you should seek help right away.

Roxy addicts may use a wide variety of methods to get the substance. They may steal from their family, switch from one doctor to another to get prescriptions this known as doctor shopping, forge prescriptions, and rob from drug stores.

While some people stop using roxy with a detox from Roxicodone at home, it is best to talk to a doctor who can help to slowly wean the addict from the substance. Getting help from a doctor or another in the health care profession (such as a substance abuse counselor) can help you to avoid some of the serious roxy addiction withdrawal symptoms.

Getting through roxy withdrawal

When going through a roxy withdrawal during Roxicodone detox, addicts may experience symptoms such as feelings of restlessness, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, weakness, chills, sweating, depression, and increased heart rate, and craving roxys.

If you have a problem with an addiction to Roxicodone  and think you may be addicted, you should get help as soon as possible because they can advise you how to stop using roxy’s. Although this drug is prescribed by doctors, it is a serious substance that can destroy your life and your health.

If you have just started taking Roxicodone after a doctor recommended it to you? Be certain to only take the drug as you were prescribed and to get in touch with your doctor if you believe you may be becoming addicted.

There are many great opiate addiction rehabs around the world that specialize in treating drug addiction why not look into finding one today and start enjoying life without the use of drugs?

How to find an opiate rehab

One of the best ways to go about finding a drug rehab that fits your needs is to decide first what kind of treatment you are looking for like for instance, do you require a medical opiate detox and are you going to need residential treatment after your detox is completed?

These are pretty much basic things you will need to know when it comes to finding the perfect drug rehab for you. One way to look is in your phone book call all the local drug rehabs in your area and ask them some questions. There is another option when it comes to searching online and this method is probably more through.

You will want to find a drug treatment center near to where you live then friends and family can come to see you and be there for support. It is a real good idea to get your family and friends on the same page as you.

Now when you do finally get to opiate addiction rehab you will be taken to the detoxification ward by a trained staff member who will be giving you a prescription medication like suboxone to help ease the pain and discomfort brought on by opiate withdrawal. Normally this will take around five or six days and then you will go to residential treatment where you will learn some new techniques how to stay clean and sober when you leave rehab and go home.

I would also make an opiate addiction recovery plan before I left substance abuse treatment. One thing that a lot of people do is find out when and where the local NA meetings are and when they meet. If you want to stay clean you will have to take action you can not just sit around like a bump on a log and wait for recovery to come to you because if you are even thinking about taking it easy once you get out you will for a fact relapse. The disease of addiction never takes a break so you will have to be diligent if you are to stay clean and sober.

I have seen it time and time again a person gets out of rehab and goes to a couple of meetings and they think they have got it all together so they stop attending meetings and in no time at all they are using drugs again wondering how in the hell they ended up back there again.

The thing is these days a lot of addicts are turning away from abusing roxies and beginning to start using heroin because of the high price of drugs like roxicodone and oxycontin. Heroin addiction can be much deadlier especially if you happen to be shooting heroin. In the end you are just trading one drug for another so it is better to just seek help for your drug addiction.

Using drugs can be a vicious cycle

If you have become addiction to heroin from abusing roxies it is just a matter of surrendering to the fact that you can not switch from one drug to another to solve your problem with drug addiction, I tried this method of substitution for years I would tell myself I would quit heroin and just do pills when that did not work I would quit using  painkillers and say well maybe I can just drink the problem was that I could not successfully use any mind altering substance it was just a vicious cycle repeating itself over and over. I finally was able to realize this and then help was available.

It does not matter what opiate drug you have become addicted to all that matters that you want to do something about your problem. There is no longer any need for any addict to suffer from the horrors of addiction with all the drug addiction help available today so why not seek help now!

Good luck and God bless

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