How to use Suboxone for heroin detox and opiate withdrawal

I have been seeing a lot of interest in suboxone treatment lately so I thought it might not be a bad idea to do a write about on you can use suboxone for heroin detox and opiate withdrawal. There are a few ways one can go about this, one way that is very popular today is the suboxone detox at home and the other is using suboxone to quit heroin in rehab.

HHHHHLet’s take a look at how you can do a suboxone heroin detox at home. First thing is to be insurance will cover it yet. If you have decided that you are ready then you will need to locate a Dr. near you that can write prescriptions for suboxone because not all Dr’s can do this. They have to have a special license to prescribe suboxone to help you make it through heroin withdrawal. Look around on the internet and in your phone book.

Making plans how to quit heroin with suboxone

* Be sure you are entirely ready to stop or in other words surrender to the fact that you can no longer use successfully that is if you ever could.

* Locate a doctor that is licensed to prescribe this medication because they have to have a special license to do so.

* Talk with your doctor about the options that you have you may want to detox short term say a couple weeks or you may want to get on suboxone maintenance indefinitely.

* I would be prepared to pay a rather hefty price for your prescription because as far as I know this medication is not as yet covered by insurance.

Suboxone heroin detox can help you to overcome heroin addiction
When you locate a physician that can actually help you with your plans of quitting heroin with a suboxone heroin detox all you have to do is call make an appointment.

When you get to your appointment let the Dr. know how long you want to be on it, that is if you have thought this far ahead, if not ask them to set you up with a plan. All that you have to do now is go home and start taking the medication.

Now if this is not for you then my suggestion is to go to rehab and be medically detoxed from heroin. In this type of setting they will still administer suboxone to help ease the pain of heroin withdrawal. This process will take around 4 or 5 days. It is my recommendation that you continue your recovery in residential treatment.

Both of these methods will work well if one has the desire to stop using. I have tried them both and have found them to be a satisfactory way to recover from heroin addiction. The thing is you will have to take action.

Maybe the easiest and best option would be to go to substance abuse treatment where they will basically do the same thing you can do at home but you will be in a safe environment and will be monitored by a staff of trained people around the clock to make sure everything goes according to plan.

This is only the first step of your recovery from heroin addiction, the next step is after you have completed your detox is Residential Treatment. This is where you will learn various techniques about how to stay clean and sober when you leave rehab.

While there you will participate in 12 step programs such as AA and NA, one on one addiction counseling, lectures, group therapy and whatever else the counselors have planed for you.

We owe it to ourselves as well as our loved ones to seek help to overcome heroin addiction because without help it is too much for us so why not get busy today and find some drug addiction help.

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