How to use drug addiction therapy to overcome painkiller withdrawal

In recent years the number one medication that is used to help people learn how to get through heroin or painkiller withdrawal is Suboxone. This medication is thought by many to be the cure for a heron or opiate painkiller addiction to all opiate drugs including drugs like: Norco, Percocet, Vicodin, and OxyContin.

All about how to beat an addiction to Norco or other opiates like heroin


Many teenagers are actually snorting drugs that contain Hydrocodone and while there I have seen many teens that were snorting vicodin, Oxycontin, and Norco. All the rehabs that I have been to before I got clean and sober used a Suboxone for heroin or Opiate painkiller detox to help their patients overcome addiction. Norco painkillers are getting to be the most popular pain medication world wide.

Do not be confused Norco withdrawal is just as nasty as vicodin withdrawal and withdrawal from either require painkiller addiction help; furthermore, kicking hydrocodone at home cold turkey or in some kind of opiate addiction treatment facility are a couple of options. Most people will opt for opiate rehab simply because they can be detoxed from hydrocodone. In case you are not aware hydrocodone is the active ingredient that eases your withdrawal from Norco.

Could Norco be a gateway drug to heroin addiction? Studies have show that Oxy’s and vicodin could be.


The truth of the matter is if you are addicted to any medication that contains hydrocodone you need to seek help right away; furthermore, addiction to drugs like vicodin have the tendency to be a gateway to heroin. To me getting high is just not worth the chance of becoming addicted to heroin

If you are struggling with an addiction to this medication or heroin there is plenty of help out there but it is on you to do the footwork necessary to find this type of opiate addiction help.

How to find an Opiate Addiction Rehab or Drug Treatment Facility

Maybe you have friend or family member that has been to rehab in the past that can point you in the right direction to find one. Another good option is by searching the Internet or you can look in the Yellow Pages of your phone book under substance-abuse treatment.

When you locate one tell them of your desire to stop using opiates and ask them when is the soonest that you can possibly get in for help.

What actually happens in an Opioid rehab?

If you have never been to an opiate rehab or any type of drug treatment facility before then I am going to let you know what to expect.

Upon arrival to the treatment center of your choosing you will be met by a person that has been trained for this type of work. A staff member will show you to your sleeping quarters where you will be spending most of your time. They will be on call around the clock 24/7 to monitor your progress and be there should you have any problems. They will also provide prescription medications for withdrawal ease from heroin or painkillers.

I know that while I was in rehab I really enjoyed talking with all the staff members if you’re lucky you may meet a recovering addict that is the staff member. To me working in a rehab is the ideal job for recovering addict.

How long will my opiate withdrawal last?

Normally most patients will complete their opioid detox and withdrawal phase of their recovery in approximately 3 to 5 days. Now keep in mind that this is only the beginning of your recovery because after you successfully complete your hydrocodone withdrawal the next step is going to residential treatment.

What goes on in residential treatment?

In residential treatment is where you will learn how to take steps to combat the disease when the cravings to use heroin or other opiates drugs tries to get you back in the grips of addiction when you leave rehab.

There will also be many other recovering addicts there with you that are trying to overcome their addictions too. It is good idea to get to know as many people as possible and get their phone numbers because we never know who will be our lifeline in our time of need when we are in crisis and want to use.

Everyone will be required to attend 12 steps meetings such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, one-on-one substance-abuse counseling, lectures, group therapy, and watch recovery related videos. Do your best to pay attention and participate in addiction therapy and ask as many questions as you want about the lectures.

One more thing that is very important is that you get together with your counselor and make an aftercare plan. My plan included making a list of all the meetings I planed on attending and writing down what time and where every meeting met that I planned on attending for the week.

I also called my substance addiction counselor and scheduled an appointment for the day I was to leave rehab. Do not be confused if you do not do this final step you will relapse I cannot say when it will happen but trust me it will and it has been my experience that it will not be long from the time you left rehab.

Good luck


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