How to stop using xanax and heroin

I can tell you one thing for sure and that is do not drink and use xanax. I have done alprazolam and drank alcohol and woke up in some God awful places I have lost cars, wallets, even woke up in jail more than once it is a very dangerous combination If I were you I would stop drinking and using xanax and heroin.


How to stop using xanax


I have shot heroin and OD from mixing it with xanax. It is a wonder I came out of it at all. I used to get them prescribed by my Dr. and I would use them when I was drinking. I got the idea to try them with heroin and it was almost a fatal mistake.

Do not be confused about this the combination xanax addiction and heroin or for that matter alcohol is deadly. If you are have trouble quitting heroin then maybe you should go to heroin addiction treatment or addiction therapy. I can tell you this that the mixture of these drugs will give you some of the nastiest withdrawals you will ever have as a matter of fact if you have been using large doses for a long time I would strongly suggest you go to rehab and be medically detoxed because you can actually die from xanax withdrawal complications.

Getting through withdrawal from alprazolam

I went to long term heroin addiction treatment as a matter of fact I stayed 2 years. This may sound like a long time it really is not. It will change your life and how you view the world. It is a great investment for your future because let me be blunt if you do not take action to quit using  heroin you will not have a future. I believe lot of you may be pushing up daisies somewhere if you do not take action.

How to use drug rehab to beat alprazolam addiction


If long term is not for you then at least go to conventional rehab for 2 weeks. The reason for this is that it will give you a couple of weeks to be free from drugs and give your mind a chance valiumto clear up somewhat. Let me just say right now you will have to follow this up with either addiction therapy or 12 step meetings like Narcotics Anonymous.

Withdrawing from Xanax can cause serious side effects when not done according to medical safety precautions. This drug may cause a dependency for those who have taken it over an extended period of time. When deciding to cut down or eliminate the use of Xanax, it is vital to consult a physician. This will allow the user to safely taper down and gradually stop use altogether.

As in the case of many who withdraw from prescription drugs, side effects may include nausea and actual vomiting. These effects may be accompanied by diarrhea as well. Seizures also, may be reported by some, as the body goes through withdrawal.

Rapid heartbeat often accompanies withdrawal from Xanax. This causes added stress to the system. Along with rapid heartbeat, a person may hallucinate and experience memory loss.

Maintaining awareness of surroundings can become difficult as well. Identifying familiar things and simple interaction may become distorted. Accompanying dizziness, a person may also have great difficulty with routine tasks such as getting dressed or simply walking. These things tend to accelerate anxiety levels since the affected person may lose touch with self awareness and basics of how to live.

A decrease in appetite is common when withdrawing from Xanax. Insomnia may also be an occurrence but has a tendency to diminish over time. Though these effects may be a part of the withdrawal process, their intensity may be lessened by safely following medical guidelines for discontinuing use.

The decision to stop or decrease Xanax or any other drug should not be made alone. Seek and obtain medical help. Surround yourself with a support system that is familiar with your situation.

Are you abusing other benzodiazepines too?

Many people that abuse this drug will also use other benzodiazepines like Valium, Klonopin, and Ativan. These drugs are just as addictive as alprazolam and you will require help to stop using any benzo’s. We can not recover from drug addiction alone we all need help in life at times from one thing or another and this is one that will require ongoing addiction help if we are to stay clean and sober.

Good luck

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