How to stop smoking heroin

Many people ask me all the time can someone stop smoking heroin? The answer is quite simple yes they can continue reading to find out how to stop using heroin and find recovery.

Is shooting heroin safer than smoking it?

The question of the day is which is safer shooting heroin or smoking . The answer is that you may live longer chasing the dragon but it is just as dangerous because it causes lung problems.

I know a lot of people use the so called cool name of chasing the dragon when they refer to heroin smoking which originated in China. It refers to what takes place when the heroin liquefies when placed on a piece of foil and heat is added. Then you are chasing the liquid as it turns to smoke.

I have never actually tried heroin smoking and am in no hurry to try it but I know those who have. I preferred to shoot my dope and to me if it was done any other way it was a waste. Let me just say if you are not currently using either of these methods do not try them.

Now if you already are using heroin and would like to learn how to stop heroin  continue reading.

How to stop heroin

One way to stop  is to go to heroin treatment there you can be detoxed from heroin by a medical staff. Let me add here do not worry about the withdrawal most of what you have heard is merely hype. It may be somewhat uncomfortable until the medication they give you for heroin withdrawal takes effect other than that it is not so bad. This process takes around 3 to 5 days.

I would strongly recommend that if you want to remain clean you follow this up with residential treatment.

I have done this and guess what I am clean today and trying to help others get clean lose the desire to use and find a new way to live. Why not give it a try to quit heroin right now!

How to beat heroin addiction and stop chasing the dragon with heroin addiction rehab

When I first started using heroin many years ago I never actually even heard of any of my junkie buddies inhaling heroin sure there were a few that wasted there dope free basing cocaine back then there was no crack either so it was free basing for real and it took around a gram. That was too much for my blood beside my thing was heroin.

Not it seems that more and more people are turning to smoking this drug. I think a lot of youngsters think its cool because they call it chasing the dragon. I guess I would have thought that was cool too back in the day when I was shooing heroin on a daily basis I thought this was the coolest thing in the world. That is until I acquired a full blown heron addiction and all the bullshit that came along with getting my dope day after day.

I am just saying that if you are experimenting with heroin smoking keep in mind that if you smoke heroin enough the dragon will turn on you. That’s right it will light you butt up and you will do some shit that you never in your wildest dreams ever though of doing to get one more heroin fix.

I went to jail numerous times during my 30 plus years of heroin addiction I even did some time in states penitentiary. You do not have to choose the way I went there are many qualified heroin addiction out there all around the country just waiting to help you to overcome heroin addiction and learn how to stop using drugs.

Can someone quit heroin?

Many of you may be thinking can someone actually quit  heroin the answer is yes they can it has been my experience that any one can stop using drug, lose the desire to use drugs, and find a new way to live  but if you want to find any long lasting heroin addiction recovery you will have to take action why not do so today.

I am clean today because I chose to change my life. What happed for me is that I went to long term drug rehab where l more or less learned how to grow up. I began going to NA meeting on a daily basis made a lot of new friends and got a sponsor while attending these meetings my suggestion to you is that if you are tired of getting beat down day after day and trying to figure out your next scam to get another shot of heroin then do something about it I double dog dare you. With that being said…

Good luck

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Good luck

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