How to overcome tramadol addiction

Many people want to know how to overcome tramadol addiction; furthermore, this type of drug addiction is curently being observed in drug rehabs throughout the world where many addicts are going to be treated for opiate withdrawal.

This prescription medication is most often prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain that occurs following surgery. Unfortunately, Tramadol winds up being taken longer than prescribed, and a addiction to tramadol becomes a problem secondary to the surgical pain. Some people will continue taking Tramadol well after the pain is gone, simply because it helps them to fall asleep quickly.

Just in case you are taking ultram you may want to know that Tramadol is the generic name for Ultram and they are the same thing.

I am pretty sure a lot of people do not know that using this medication could lead to an addiction to tramadol in fact a lot of Dr’s prescribe this medication believing this to be true but I am here to tell you that there are a lot of addicts out there suffering with many of the symptoms of a full blown drug abuse that possibly may have been prevented if they had known that it would lead to ultram addiction.


Getting through tramadol withdrawal using the taper method

If you are having Ultram addiction symptoms like taking more of your medication than what was prescribed to you then I would suggest that you get some kind of help one of the best things you can do for yourself at this point is to let the prescribing physician know what is going on. They can set you up on a schedule to taper off of tramadol. This is very important because if you just stop using this drug or run out you will start suffering from tramadol withdrawal. Now the withdrawals may not be quite as bad as other opioid drugs but never the less you will be plenty miserable.

Addiction is a common result that develops from overuse or abuse of a certain person, place or thing. We can be addicted to people in the form of building and maintaining co-dependent, obsessive or possessive relationships. Our addiction can be related to food and/or drink. We may have an addiction to shopping or spending money frivolously. But one of the most commonly formed addictions is to prescription drugs.

How can you know for sure if you are addicted to Tramadol aka Ultram? If you are one of those who has developed a dependence upon the medication and have continued to use it well past the duration and amount prescribed, then you may be in danger of becoming dependent upon this particular medication. Furthermore, if you feel like you simply cannot function during the day, or sleep without it at night, you may have developed an addiction to this medication.

If you feel like you are abusing this medication, speak to your doctor. Do not stop taking this medication cold turkey as you will likely develop symptoms of withdrawal.

How to overcome an addiction to tramadol


Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms withdrawal from Tramadol or ultram include throwing up, diarrhea, horrible pain, sick-feeling, anxiety, sadness, body aches, cold sweats, and cascading body reactions. Many people would describe themselves as people who can function while feeding their tramadol habit, while they struggle to hold jobs or responsibilities.

Additional symptoms of continued use of the painkiller include headaches, flu-like symptoms, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, and moodiness.

This medication is prescribed to treat chronic pain and mood disorders. People often use the drug for recreational use because of the good feeling that the drug causes. This painkiller is not as potent as some other drugs though. Tramadol is dangerous if taken without the permission of a doctor because it causes convulsive overdose symptoms. Really high doses can cause seizures.

Tramadol can also be given to patients who have stopped taking more powerful opiates such as oxycodone and hyrocodone.

Responsible and safe opiate detoxification processes, with the latest technology, can lessen the risk of experiencing the harmful withdrawal symptoms.

If you or somebody you care for has an addiction to this drug or any other medication make sure that you get them help. If nothing else has worked, put them through a detoxification program. It can be reversed. An addiction to anything is harmful to your health, so do something about it. Help the ones you love, you could be saving their life.

There is a new law concerning the medication tramadol which classifies it as a controlled substance. I know that doctors used to tell their patients that it was a non narcotic therefore they did not have to worry about becoming addicted but over the years more and more people began showing up in drug rehabs around the world. If you are taking this medication I would suggest that you take it as prescribed and above all be aware that it is in fact addicting although the withdrawal may not be as severe as say morphine or oxycontin you will nevertheless be very uncomfortable.

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