How to help an alcoholic overcome alcoholism

I am not so sure you can convince an alcoholic to enter treatment if they are not ready unless they are forced to by a court or probation officer or something similar.

Here’s why unless the person in question has had enough and is ready to surrender it will more than likely do little good for them to go to drug and alcohol rehab anyway.

Stop drinking and drugging

I know that I new when I was ready because I was beaten down and tore up from the floor up I wanted to stop drinking and drugging in the worst possible way the problem was I did not know how. So what I am saying here is there is nothing you can do for the alcoholic that refuses to surrender to the fact that the booze and drugs have won. They need to admit complete and utter defeat then they may have a chance of a lifetime to actually change their life and Overcome addiction in  drug and alcohol rehab.

How to help a loved one or addicted spouse to quit drinking

Now once someone has gotten to the point where they surrender then there is not a lot that you can not do that will not help them stop drinking or enter rehab. In other words it is possible that anything you do or say to a loved one or addicted spouse about going to treatment may just help at this point. If they have not reach this point of surrender then nothing you say is going to matter it will basically go in one ear and out the other.

In my opinion this person is still struggling with trying to control their drinking and everything else. They will swear up and down that they do not have a problem and more than likely will lay the blame for their drinking on anything at all.

The best way to help them  would be to quit enabling them period. Do not loan them any money they will only drink it up and it will inevitably delay any chance of help for them. Another thing while I am talking about this subject do not bail them out of jail. They will call and tell you a sob story about how they are though drinking this time for real. Let me repeat that again do not bail them out but tell them you will drive them to treatment when they do get out. This is the best way I know to how to help a person learn how to stop drinking.

How to help and alcoholic stop drinking

How do can you actually tell when they’ve surrendered? Again I would have to say when the person asks for help. This pretty much means that they agree to run the show your way and give up on there ideals. When they throw up their arms like this they may say something like the NA basic text talks about I’ll do whatever is asked of me. I need someone to show me how to live. This is what I mean by surrender. That is what I would say is a great starting point of how to help an alcoholic stop drinking and beat alcoholism.

I got clean and found a new way to live by going to long term treatment. I would recommend this to anyone who has been to rehab before and failed to stay clean. I can tell you this my experience in long term treatment was the best thing I ever did. I always though that could not handle being in a program that lasted a year or two.

It has been my experience to see that a lot of people let the length of time scare them from going. Now a person should keep in mind and ask themselves what it is worth to them to actually be drug and alcohol free to me it was worth every minute of the 2 years I spent in long term alcohol and drug rehab.

Helping an alcoholic is a problem many people face.  You want your loved one to recover, and to have a chance at a better life.  Keeping these tips in mind is a good way to start.  You can increase his chances, while keeping yourself intact at the same time.

Recovery Begins By Helping the alcoholic Help themselves

Often when we have friends or family members with alcohol problems, we want to do everything for them.  It is important to remember that they are an adult, and must be responsible for himself.  Give him the opportunity to learn responsibility.

Refrain From Trying To Be The Center Of their World

Many of us who have alcoholic loved ones are tempted to think they do not need anyone except us.  The more people there are in his everyday life, the better it will be for him.  We are not the alcoholic’s doctor, sponsor, or best friend.  He or she needs all of these other people, too.

Never Accept Blame When It Is Not Yours

Alcoholics often blame the people who are closest to them for their problems.  From drinking to criminal behavior, they may try to say everything is your fault.  Never allow yourself to accept the blame for his condition or his behavior.

Look For Recovery Resources

You can find resources online, and in the area where you live.  Whether they need medical help, intervention, or 12-Step meetings, you can help him find the resources that are right for him.

Find Support For Yourself

You may have questions, or need someone to talk to on a regular basis.  When you have your own support system, you will not be alone with your concerns.  Consider attending meetings for friends and family of recovering alcoholics.  The people you meet will be able to understand everything you are experiencing.

Learning How to help an alcoholic effectively means not losing sight of yourself and your own life while you are encouraging him to recover.

Key Takeaways

1)  Do not attempt to be his entire world.  It will cheat both you and the alcoholic out of many important experiences.

2)  An adult must stand on his own two feet.  This fact is no different for an alcoholic.  The more they can do for themselves, the better it is for his recovery and general well being.

3)  Others who have alcoholics in their lives understand what you are going through.  Attending meetings can result in meeting compassionate, caring individuals.

Good luck

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