How to get through Percocet Withdrawal without relapsing on other drugs

Substance abuse and percocet withdrawal is something many using this drug worry about, as the withdrawal from percocet symptoms can be quite severe.

Just how bad oxcodone withdrawal is dependent on how long a person has been taking the drug and how much of it they have been taking each day. Anyone who has been taking this medication regularly for more than a few weeks is likely going to experience symptoms of withdrawal.

A lot of folks get hooked on this drug after experiencing some sort of injury or going through a surgery which required the use of pain medication when they left the hospital. I can not not really say there becoming addicted to this drug is all their fault. Maybe they were not aware of how drug addiction can sneak up on you. Regardless they are addicted and probably became so from taking more medication then the doctor recommended.

Here is how it can happen to anyone who are using prescription pain mediation. They start out taking their medication daily as recommended and then one day they find that it did not relieve the pain so they increased the dose. The thing is if they continue to do this it will lead to a tolerance which means they will have to take more and more to achieve the desired effect. This kind of abuse will lead to addiction quickly.

Percocet addiction symptoms and withdrawal timeline

The withdrawal symptoms include: anxiety and heart palpitations; increased blood pressure; irritability and restlessness; lack of concentration; diarrhea, nausea and vomiting; muscle aches and tremors; yawning unrelated to being sleepy; chills and hot flashes ; depression; insomnia; and excessively runny nose and eyes but keep in mind it is possible tp get through this without pain from withdrawal.

Most people that quit percocet suddenly after using it for an extended period will experience withdrawal for up to five days the intensity will depend on how much and how often it was taken. If you are addicted to this prescription medication I would suggest going to some sort of rehab to be detoxed medically. I have personally been to opiate addiction rehab and medically detoxed and I can say that after the medications they gave me to ease my withdrawal kicked in I was rather comfortable.


Tricks show to overcome withdrawal of percocet

If you have been using this drug for an extended amount of time, slowly tapering the dose until you are completely weaned off will help you to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms. This should be done with the help of your doctor.

For those that do attempt to go percocet cold turkey, the symptoms usually start 12-24 hours after your last dose and peak a few days later slowly lessening from there. The amount of time it takes to get through the symptoms depends on the amount of tolerance a person has built up.

These are all symptoms of physical withdrawal, as you may well know, those that use it also tend to develop a psychological dependence on the drug that will likely last much longer than the physical one. This is type of percocet addiction and can be a life-long struggle.

Further rehabilitation to address psychological dependence may involve addiction therapy and behavioral therapy.

If you are you are afraid of the withdrawl from addiction do not sweat it because there is help. That’s right you can go to opiate addiction rehab and be medically detoxed. If you go you will be well taken care of by a staff of medical assistants who will see to your needs and give you prescription medications to help the discomfort from withdrawal. Trust me I have been there and done this.

When withdrawing from opiate drugs like percocet the expected withdrawal time can be from 5 to 7 days and then you will be entirely drug free. The key is to stay this way.


Leaving residential treatment and going home

What I would suggest is that before leaving  residential treatment or rehab would be to talk with your therapist about an after care plan be sure and right down all the things that you are will to commit to for your recovery from drug addiction.

When I left drug rehab I made a commitment to attend 90 meetings in 90 days. This may sound like a lot but it is only 1 and ½ hours per day.

How many hours did you spend using drugs and finding ways and means to get more? It has been my experience that you will get back what you are willing to put into recovery. If you put very little in you will more than likely relapse on the other hand if you put your whole self in you will get your whole self out.

I also committed to keep up with my addiction therapy by attending one session a week. The reason why I continued the drug addiction therapy is believe that God and addiction therapy had a lot to do with what got me clean and sober.

One thing is certain and that is you can never do too much recovery wise. Keep in mind that helping others is also a great way to give back a little of what has been so freely given to you. This is why I write about recovery on this site.

It has been my experience to see as well as truly believe that any addict who really has had enough can stop using drugs and with using some addiction recovery techniques they can lose the desire to use drugs; furthermore, with this being said they can find a new way to live clean and sober. Now keep in mind that for any of this to happen you will have to stay focused on your recovery from drug addiction. Another thing is is necessary is action. Now there will be times when you do not want to take any action at all you may put off going to a meeting saying oh I will go tomorrow then tomorrow turns into next week and you are getting very close to relapsing.

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How to beat oxycontin or percocet by going to long term substance abuse treatment

Are you struggling with painkiller addicting from taking drugs like percocet or oxyconin? Well there is good news you can learn how to overcome drug addiction but you can not do it alone. Coming off of drugs like percocet is just as bad as trying to get through heroin withdrawal.

As I was saying we all need help if we are to succeed in beating addiction. Gods knows I tried to kick drugs so many times by myself that I can not even recall. Oh I could get clean and sober for a few days and once I got feeling better I was right back at it again. I even made it a month a couple of times.

It was not until I went to long term drug rehab that I was able to put any substantial clean time together. Long term treatment helped me to turn my life around. I give thanks to God and my drug addiction therapist. She challenged me to do things I was always afraid to do on a regular basis.

If you have been to rehab before only to get out and relapse again you may want to thing about going to long term. I can almost guarantee you that if you go and put in the work you life will change for the better because the alternative is Jails, institutions, and death and they do not necessarily have to come in that order.

If you have found yourself struggling lately or are coming back from a drug relapse then you have some work to do. Most people that relapse including myself say that the number one thing they believe that led up to it was not doing what they did when they first got clean and sober.

Some say they slacked off on their meeting attendance and others report that they quit going all together. I personally thought that I had learned enough about my addiction and that I would be fine on my own. Well in truth this led me to isolation and in case you do not know it, an addict alone is in bad company!

How to prevent drug related relapse 

What I would suggest is that you start taking massive action right away. This means stepping up your meeting attendance. Try doing 90 meetings in 90 days this should get you back on the path of drug addiction recovery again. Another good idea is to do some volunteer work or simply help another addict. Maybe offer to take a newcomer to a meeting or go out for coffee with them.

I would also make it a point to call my sponsor everyday and if you do not have one get one as soon as possible. A sponsor main job is to help guide you through the steps. So if you have not started writing them a good place to start is in the N A step working guide.

Suboxone may be the answer to help you beat your drug addiction 

Anyone addicted to this drug or any other opiate medication should seek help immediately. There is hope that any addict can recover and a lot of addicts are using suboxone to do this and have beaten the odds and are living productive lives once again.

If you have not tried this method why not give it a shot most rehabs now days are using this drug to detox patients addict to all opiate including heroin. The truth is they are having much better success rates then the old method of using methadone and suboxone is much easier come off of once the person feels they are ready.

Another thing those of you that are addicted to oxycodone should keep in mind is that many folks that are addicted to this kind of prescription medication will often substitute it for heroin when they are unable to get percocet. This is a very dangerous practice because heroin is a street drug that can be cut with anything and trust me I have seen it cut with some stuff that you would not believe. With so many places available for an addict to get help there is no need to continue using drugs so seek help today!


Good luck and God bless




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