How to get through Opiate withdrawal symptoms

Do you have a loved one or friend that you are concerned about and think they could be abusing opiate and need to know some symptoms of opiate withdrawal to keep an eye out for?  Now this depends on if you are trying to diagnose someone else or trying to diagnose yourself.

Alright if you are trying to diagnose yourself with opiate addiction one thing to watch for is if your pills run out to early. This is a huge red light indicator that there may be a problem. Using illegal opiates like heroin is another anytime someone is doing this then they are heading for trouble. Enough about that lets take a little look at some of the heroin withdrawal symptoms.


Withdrawal symptoms

  1. One will start to feel sick or panic when they start to run out of opiates this was my greatest fear and I would hazard to guess most addicts feel this way when there stash starts to get low. Keep in mind that once you stop using opiates you never have to worry about running out again imagine that”
  1. Runny nose this happens because your body was dependent on the opiates it was getting every day and now they are no longer there so it is like a system shock
  1. Nausea and vomiting will also occur
  1. Insomnia, it will be very hard to sleep when you are going through opiate
  1. Withdrawal
  1. Headache and leg cramps are quite common.
  1. Wanting to use or craving opiates.
  1. Begging God to help you.
  1. Irritability.
  1. 1 Nervousness can not sit still.
  1. Restless leg syndrome.

How to stop withdrawal from opiates symptoms

If you are experiencing any of these withdrawal symptoms I would suggest that you get help. One way to get help is to go to opiate addiction treatment this is probably the best way to get through opiate detox. There you can be detoxed by a staff of trained professionals. I would look for an opiate rehab within driving distance but if you can not find one any drug rehab will do at this point.

Once you find one and actually get in, first thing that will happen is you will be given medications to help ease the pain of withdraw. They will more times than not use suboxone for to make you more comfortable during this procedure.

It has been my experience that the opioid withdrawal length will take no longer than 5 days. During this time you will get a lot of bed rest. Do not worry about the withdrawal they are not that bad. I am sure you have heard rumors to the contrary pay them no attention take action and go to rehab right away.

How to Deal With opiate addiction properly

If you are addicted to opiates, you will more than likely find or have heard that many individuals report that when it come to dealing with drug withdrawal symptoms  this can be hard and seem almost impossible but trust me having been through it with the proper opiate addiction treatment it can be done.

It’s important to understand that you need not attempt to struggle with or battle this alone so do not try to take this on by yourself. Especially when one can seek the advice and care of any number of medical professionals trained in helping opiate addicts.

Side effects of opiates


They can help you deal with some of the side effects of opiates, which can cause psychological problems, seizures, shaking and vomiting and diarrhea. This can make your life seem horrible, if you don’t have someone to tell you that you will make it through and that this is only temporary and that there is a lot to gain after withdrawal.

When you seek to get away from opiates, you may suffer from loss of friends, family or a job for that matter. You have hit rock bottom and realized that your life needs to change, this is not a bad decision at all. It’s a good one in fact.

While you may not have family, friends or a place to stay, rehab centers should be a solution. If not the best solution, because the people treating you know the side effects and how to help you deal with what caused you to have to go through this in the first place.

Finally, this could possibly be a dangerous process to go through alone or without any proper support at all especially if you are already in poor heal. The upside is when you take this risk you have taken the first steps in the process to being a lot healthier and happier and are on the way to having a new life.

This will not be a quick and easy process and you may be sad over loss of friends, but you will find new ones who are supportive. They can help you through this long hard process and help you to keep from relapsing at any time and losing progress you have made.

I would suggest that if you are on the fence thinking about stopping opiate abuse that you jump on off and find opiate addiction recovery you will not be disappointed.

Withdrawal from opiates can be brutal


Withdrawal from opiates is one of the hardest forms of withdrawal and can seem like a long uphill struggle to many people, although it need not be that difficult. A person on opiates feels good and of course, once off them, the feeling is just the opposite. With the right treatment and the right setting, getting over an opiate addiction can be accomplished smoothly and allow you to feel like your usual self once again.

Successful withdrawal from opiates is only possible if you actually want to withdraw; if you are still telling yourself that you want or need them, withdrawal will be that much more difficult. The first step is to adjust your mental approach, so that you realize and acknowledge that you do not want more opiates.

One strategy is to tell yourself that you had reasons to take it; now you have even more compelling reasons not to take it. Another strategy is to focus on those areas of your life that will be better if you do not take opiates – your health, career and family and ultimately your whole life.

Try to come up with your own reasons why you may want to withdraw from opiates; if you need help with this process, you should talk to someone who has been in your position.

If you are undergoing withdrawal, your brain creates signals that convince you that what you are experiencing hurts more than it actually does. Once you know and understand this, you can deal with the discomfort and pain a lot better and the end result will be a life without opiates, without pain and without medications.

Coming back from a relapse

If you are thinking about going back to rehab after a recent opiate relapse I would say do not put it off get back on the horse again as they say and try it again. The thing is the longer you wait the harder it is going to be to take the steps to get back in the swing of things. If you need to go back to rehab find one and make arrangements and go.

If you feel that you don’t need to go or can’t afford another trip to rehab don’t worry there a plenty of 12 step programs out there and they are free. I would suggest that you go and right from the start share and let the other recovering addicts know that you are coming back from a relapse they will not judge you because the majority have been right where you are; in fact, I have been there myself numerous times. I know how hard it is to swallow our pride and admit that we have used again.

Do not beat yourself up about this because using again was beating enough. I would make it a point to start attending meetings on a daily basis. My sponsor used to suggest that I make a commitment to attend 30 meetings in a row. This is good because we need to get back in the habit of attending meetings regularly again.

Using the NA Step Working Guide


Another thing you can do start writing your steps from the NA step working guide. This is a very good habit to get into simply because it will help you to find out more about yourself and your character defects. It is important to stay in contact with your sponsor while you are writing. They will be able to help you should any questions arise because they have actually written the steps them selves. When I finish a step I read each questions to my sponsor. I have told him pretty much my life story and he is never judged me but he will offer feedback from time to time.

Taking action is the key to long lasting sobriety 

If you have recently left a drug rehab you should already have a recovery plan in place. Now if you don’t I would suggest that you get busy and make one. Its rater easy sit down with pen and paper and make a list of all the meetings in your area that you plan on attending write down what time they meet and where they are located. They go to a meeting every single day for a minimum of 90 days. This will help you to begin to establish a solid recovery foundation. This is what my sponsor suggested for me to do and thats why I am passing it along to anyone that is interested in how to stay clean and sober. It worked for me and is working right now for countless others and it can work for you too but the key is you “MUST TAKE ACTION”!

How to overcome painkiller withdrawal

I am aware that a lot of you out there are addicted to opiate pain medications like Percocet, Oxycontin, and Vicodin. With that being said some people that have suffered from withdrawal from prescription opiates say that they are just as bad as withdrawal from heroin.

I know that they can be downright nasty so when it comes to detoxing from an addiction to painkillers you will want to use the same formulas that you would for detoxing from heroin or morphine and the best way to do this is in some kind or treatment facility that specializes in treating pain medication addiction or medications that contain opiates.

Heroin Addicts need to beware of dangerous new Russian heroin Krokodil

Thats right if being addicted to heroin is not bad enough there is a new drug hitting the streets known as krokodil. This new drug eats the flesh right off your body and is said to be extremly addictive it is being coined as zombie heroin. Hospitals in Chicago and a few other states are starting to see evidence of it already. If you are addicted to heroin now would be a good time to quit heroin. Take a good look at this photo because this could really happen to you!

Relapse and Recovery


One thing everyone should keep in mind is that an opiate relapse is definitely a possibility. I am here to tell you it has happened to me with a number of years clean.

It was very hard for me to come back to the meetings because I was ashamed of myself for using. If you are currently struggling with getting clean again after using drugs again then its time to put away the ball bat and get back to a meeting. There is nothing to be ashamed of relapse is a part of recovery the only thing one needs to be ashamed of is not coming back to the tables.

It dose not matter how much you used or how many times you have relapsed what matters is getting back to meetings and sharing about it so others can learn from your experience its all about one addict helping another.

I thought for a while I was the relapse king but I found out that that was not true either because I know many people with a substantial number of years drug free that have told me their story and I found out that I was not unique and neither are you!!

 Heroin addiction relapse and recovery

It does not matter how long you have been clean from heroin there is always the chance of a heroin relapse. I was clean for multiple year from opiate addiction and relapsed.

I fell for the old trick maybe I could just do one bag of heroin and leave it alone. I told myself it would not hurt to use just once.Well it did not work because that one sack of dope led to using a gram a heroin a day in no time.

The truth is it hurt bad and continued to hurt for like two years until I was able to get back to heroin addiction rehab. There is an old saying around the Narcotics Anonymous tables that goes its easier to stay clean than it is to get clean.

This saying holds so much truth that it sounds rediculas but it is so true if you have been there then you will understand what I am saying her.

If you have found yourself in this kind of predicament then I would suggest that you go immediately to so sort of rehab for an opiate detox.

The only other alternative is to continue using until you die or get locked up for a drug related crime either way these options do not sound good to me at all so give yourself a break and get some help.

Good luck



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