How to detox from opiates at home

There are several ways one can choose to detox from drugs; for example, one could go to a rehab and be comfortably detoxed by a staff of trained professionals where they use medications to help you with the withdrawal symptoms or one could choose a home detox from heroin or painkillers.


Then there is the more personal way I am going to discuss with everyone today which is how to detox from opiates at home. This will require a lot of courage and a little help from a friend and a higher power would not be bad either.


Getting through Opiate withdrawal

With this method you can quit using opiates in the comfort of your own home that’s right you can lay in bed and watch TV or do what ever you want. There is a price to pay and that is called opiate withdrawal. This is to be expected because we can not use pills or any other substance like heroin for any length of time and expect not to suffer a little for the fun we thought we were having while we were using.

How to overcome opiate addiction

So if you want to know how to beat opiate addiction keep reading. First thing would be to a couple of days before you intend to stop using opiates that you stay awake until the day you intend to stop. The idea behind this grueling ordeal is that it will help you to sleep through the worst part of your withdrawal from opiates. Nest thing to do is get rid of any paraphernalia that will remind you of using like empty pill containers and what not.

What you will want to do after this is to invite a friend or a loved one to stay with you while you detox they can be there for moral support should you happen to want to give up and go use again. This will also help you to realize that someone cares enough to be there by your side during your detox from opiates. This is great and should improve your chances of actually making it because most give up before they are anywhere near completing there detox. Ok now I would go to the local pharmacy and pick up some Motrin they are good for muscle cramps as well as headaches.

Finally you should purchase some Benadryl this will help you to sleep. I believe this was the only way to kick opiates back in the day before all of the newfangled rehabs we now have.This should pretty much do it now all that is left is for you to do it.

At home opiate detox

Many people try an at home opiate detox but few actually make it to get any kind of recovery those that do make it have a very solid opiate addiction recovery plan in place. So basically if you want to enjoy the freedom from active addiction I suggest that you put a plan into effect real soon.

I like to recommend addiction therapy to all those who are working an honest program and it does not hurt to attend NA meetings at the same time. The more you incorporate into your addiction recovery plan the more benefits  you will receive. I have a friend in recovery that is fond of saying that if we put are whole self in we will get are whole self out. It has been my experience that half measures will avail you nothing.


Many folks get unintentionally addicted to painkillers like oxycontin and percocet. These drugs can be just as hard to stop using as heroin; in fact painkiller withdrawal can be very similar to heroin withdrawal. I have had the misfortune to of having been through both. I also know that opiate addiction can be overcome with hard work and a lot of action.

I know for sure you can not just wish addiction away or there are no magic potions. I attend NA meetings on a regular basis and I give credit to this program and its members to getting me clean and sober and  keeping me that way. I know that any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use them, and find a better way to live.

Staying clean and sober requires action

Ok once you get clean you will have to take action on a daily basis if you wish to stay that way. One of the best ways to do this would be to do something for someone else.

Here are a few suggestions, give another recovering addict a call and ask to meet them for coffee or lunch or offer to give someone a ride to a meeting. If you do these things you will not only be helping the other addict to understand that they matter and someone actually cares about them but you will be helping yourself.

Another thing that worked for me was calling other recovering addicts this will actually help you as well as the person you call. It helps get you out of yourself by thinking of someone else and it helps them to understand that they do matter so in other words its a win win thing.

Good luck

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