How to beat vicodin addiction

If you are trying to recover from vicodin abuse I think one of the best approaches for this would be the integrated approach of how to beat vicodin addiction. Well you might be saying at this point what exactly is the integrated approach? Well it is a combination of things we can use in our daily recovery, it’s basically treating the mind, body, and the spirit.

My grandmother use to say eat the crust of your bread because a healthy body makes a healthy mind or something like that. Another thing you can do for your mind is read things like recovery literature and a good novel is an excellent escape too but we want to find a balance because we can not live only to read books.

It takes action to beat vicodin addiction

Now for the spirit one can listen to meditation CD’s they are great, I have listened to a lot of them and they are very relaxing. One could also attend church, NA meetings are a great too. Now lets talk about the body a little it is important to eat a proper diet; for instance, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables every day. Exercise is very important too I go for a long walk every day whether I want to or not.

Sometimes I am depressed and do not want to go but I force myself to go and I have found that before I am half way through with my walk I am feeling better and the depression is gone. Imagine that!

This is all good stuff about how to stop using vicodin. Ok now we need to have fun once in a while so I recommend treating yourself ask someone to go out to eat with you or go alone but order something that is a treat that you would not normally order.

I think a movie is a great treat too plus it allows us to escape for a couple of hours. Sometimes we really need this with our busy schedules and what not. This is all good stuff to help you learn to how to beat vicodin. So give it a try and stop using vicodin today. vvvvvvv

How to stop hydrocodone withdrawal an addiction to vicodin

Successful opiate withdrawal from any addiction poses great challenge and dedication. When overcoming hydrocodone, an individual must have strong emotional and pervading support from others. This particular drug has a classification of being a narcotic, though it is often initially taken for silencing pain or a persistent cough.

Many people are falling into addictive patterns with this opiate based drug due to the fact that it is given out quite liberally. When the individual makes the determination to quit, the withdrawal will usually follow within 6 hours.

Symptoms of withdrawing from hydrocodone medications

Symptoms for withdrawal from hydrocodone differ depending upon the individual; however, the typical tendencies are sleeplessness, an unfocused mind that can’t concentrate, fever, loose bowels, fever, or chills.

If an individual has been taking this drug for a long period of time, the symptoms may be severe and even life threatening. You can imagine how difficult or even frightening these different symptoms would be to have to face alone, therefore, it is really essential that the victim seek out those trusted friends or relatives that will help to form a support system for them.

The time it takes for the physical withdrawal to subside can take as long as 4 days or so, though some have battled post acute opiate withdrawal symptoms for as long as two years.

Tapering off of hydrocodone drugs like vicodin

Some individuals decide against complete withdrawal all at once, and they decide on a method that is called tapering off. This technique is a methodical reduction of drug usage over an extended amount of time until the body has been weaned off of the drug significantly enough that stopping will no longer bring about the vicodin withdrawal.

In addition to the physical challenges, the emotional impact of drug addiction can be just as strong. It may require some type of counseling and support from friends when trying to break away from an addictive drug. One thing everyone needs to understand is that getting clean and sober is just the beginning of your addiction recovery; furthermore, in order to stay that way a program of action is required.

I would recommend going to substance abuse counseling. If you have ever been to rehab then you are more than likely familiar with this. The thing is that in rehab you probably only had a few sessions. When I first committed myself to staying sober I went to drug addiction therapy for two years along with daily NA meetings.

This is what got me sober and keeps me sober today. So what I am saying here is that everyone will want to have a solid drug addiction recovery plan you do not have to use my example you can come up with your own.

Vicodin is being replaced by Norco

for those who do not know Vicodin is basically being phased out by the pharmaceutical drug Norco. It does however contain hydrocodone and prolonged use of this prescription medication can lead to Norco addiction. Most doctors for this medication because it does not contain all the acetaminophen which Vicodin does.

If one suddenly stopped taking his medication after extended time they will more than likely experience Norco withdrawal. Once again withdraw from this opiate medication may require substance abuse treatment.

Keep in mind that using too much of this drug can cause liver failure so if you think you may be addicted you should seek help at once.

Good luck

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