How to beat crack cocaine addiction

I think one of the hardest drugs to stop using is crack cocaine. This is because it is so addicting. In my option it is by far the worst drug ever to be invented. It has ruined countless lives and is tearing people out of their frames right now as I am writing this post. One thing to keep in mind that crack  is hard to beat because of the psychological cravings one gets when they stop smoking crack. It has been know to continue for years but for the most part it will lessen as time goes by if the crack addict can refrain from using during this period.

Crack cocaine addiction


If you want to learn how to beat crack cocaine addiction I would suggest that you look for a rehab that specializes in crack  addiction there you will learn how to beat crack addiction and how to stop smoking crack cocaine. They are literally everywhere and one should have little problem doing everything over the internet. Once you have located the place you desire to stop using crack I would suggest that you give them a call and make an appointment to enter treatment. This is the beginning of a brand new way of life so don’t take it lightly.

When you get out of treatment you will have to have a complete lifestyle change; for instance, all your using friends will have to go and you will want to keep busy if you want to stop  cocaine addiction because when we are not the urges start coming. I would attend as many NA meetings as I could there you can meet others with the same kind of problems as you have.

Making new friends that do not use drugs is one of the main elements for the successful recovering addict.We can overcome our drug addiction and find a new way to live that tired old lie once a addict always an addict no longer works. We Do get clean.

How to find freedom from Crack Cocaine Addiction

Substance abuse, particularly crack addiction, is dangerous and requires immediate treatment. The very definition of addiction is the loss of control over a craving. With cocaine, this can become lethal. The problem is compounded by the fact that though it is illegal, it is widely accessible to almost anyone who wants it.

Crack addiction is a big issue in urban areas. He supply is plenty and the price is cheap – two things that make it popular among those looking for a quick hit. Those who have developed a dependence on this substance often resort to violence and manipulation in order to satisfy their need for more. Their behavior has a negative impact to those around them whether in school, at the office, or at home.

Highly respected medical organizations have long considered drug addiction as an illness. Users who do not get the proper treatments are likely to die due to overdose or poor health. Crack cocaine addiction can induce heart attacks by causing sudden increase in blood pressure.

Such is its potency that all it takes is just one moment of weakness – one try – to be addicted to crack cocaine. Once a person crosses this point, it is extremely difficult to go back to the way he was before. It will be as if the mind is possessed by an insatiable need to experience it again and again, each time wanting more until the body is no longer able to handle it.

This is because their mind no longer thinks in a rational manner, it is rare for drug addicts to stop on their own. Others around them must be strong enough to intervene before it is too late. Oftentimes, it takes a cathartic experience for anything to change, such as getting arrested due to a drug-related crime. The court may send the person to a rehabilitation center or, if he is a repeat offender, be sentenced to serve in jail.

I have personally seen crack cocaine destroy a whole lot of lives get some crack addiction help before it destroys your too!

Good luck

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  1. Iand seking information on how to help some one to beat crack cocaine addiction.this person have no insurance or ss#. please can you help?

  2. Hi Johnny I can not give you the name of a specific place you will have to put in some work to find a free drug rehab but they are out there to be had if you do the footwork which can be done over the phone or internet. I would suggest that you call every rehab near you and ask them if they have any Government funding and if they do not ask them if they may happen to know of a place you can go to rehab for free.

    Here is a link to another one of my posts about free drug rehabs. Check it out and good luck it may take a whole lot of work but like I said if you do the work and really want to stop using you will find one.

    Good luck

  3. They shud get the guy who invented this drug and skin hin alive..this drug robs u off everything, makes u weak in strenght, u loose self respect and also the value of money..I have quit for a very long time, casually do the mess, but it messes my pocket uup…the next day I have to borrow…I have become a sucker for punishment, I m glad I cud admit this to someone who understand, I want a normal life, not wanting dis to destroy me again…I have made up my mind, I sEen what this did to ppl, and some have left it…I say only pray to god he can help u, whenever in crave, visit the house of god…I thank u for this column..I m a crack head, but deaperately want to leave…I hav no one to talk to …I m a single parent…I can’t put this sht before my son…I just can’t be unfair to him n rob him of his time with me making excuses to be with da pipe…please pray for me I m from south africa…

    1. Hi there Mark

      You hit the nail on the head drugs will rob us of every thing we ever cared about. I am glad you made the decision to stop smoking crack I have several friends that died from smoking crack. I have even been in rehab with a couple that got out hit the pipe and there heart could not take and they are just another statistic.

      I just have to say this to you because you say you are alone this is because you choose to be alone ; furthermore, you can not beat drug addiction alone we all need help this is just my thoughts, due to my experience with addiction and seeing people fail miserably when they try to stop alone.

      I am pretty sure you have heard of NA by now anyway there are people there that can help you and understand exactly what your going through.

      With the help of God and NA I have been drug free for many years now and NA is still saving my life. God gave us free will so if you want to keep being miserable keep doing the same things you have been doing but if you have had enough pain and really want to get clean try something different cause it seems your way is not working so well.

      Good luck

  4. Hi, my name is Shemone. Today I am totally convinced that crack has me under her spell. She wants to make my life miserable and/or kill me. I’m tired of taking from my kids, living with other people because I smoke up damn near every dime that falls into my hands. I had a beautiful life ahead of me and one stupid night of curiosity turned into 12 yrs of depression, homelessness, suicidal thoughts,etc. It’s

    1. Hi Shemone thanks for sharing

      I am glad you realize that its time to stop smoking crack. You just took the first step which is admitting you have a problem. The next step is getting help because it has been my experience that we can not beat this addiction alone. I would suggest getting into rehab and if you can not do this I would start attending NA meetings.

      I have been through a lot of the same things I tried to smoke and shoot up everything I could lay my hands on and did not matter who’s feelings got hurt in the process but there is “hope that you can recover from addiction” if you are willing to take action and do the footwork to make it happen.

      I have been drug free for a lot of years now and I still attend meetings.

      Good luck

      1. Thank you so much for the word of advice. I have been through treatment twice before but at that time I wasn’t ready to quit. I was forced both times or I would loose my children. Of course I did it to satisfy others but I hadn’t hit ROCK BOTTOM. Last night I fell face first and slid on both knees. It won’t be easy but I hope I can keep contacting others out there who are and have when through the samething and wll give me more sthrength

  5. it is maddening……never touched anything hsrder than weed until i was ex wife introduced me to this mess and now im struggling…it is simply maddening

  6. I feel so alone and desperate. I can’t beat this alone, is too much. I have 8 payday loans, my bank account is negative -500 and I just dont see the light at the end of the tunnel! The type of job I have will fire me if they knew I was in rehab. My family does not answer my calls or are tire of me falling time and time again. I prayed so hard yesterday morning. At night I was at it…spent 400 in a couple of hours! When I came upon this web I felt comfort- I am not alone. I will contnue to read the articles and keep trying to give up this filthy drug addiction I have.

  7. Crack has made me selfish. Crack makes me against everything I believe in. I used to make my family proud and I was proud of myself. Crack has taken my willpower. I don’t even know who I am anymore. Please pray for me.

  8. Thanks for sharing sounds like you are ready to get help. Not sure if you want to go to rehab but it may be a good idea. Sometimes its necessary to remove ourselves from are surroundings for a while.

    If you do not want to or can not afford rehab then I would suggest that you start attending some NA meetings.

  9. currently doing battle with crack and it is ruining my life and my relationship with my wife. Help as many as you possibly can.

  10. I have two beautiful daughters and am pregnant with my third child. I have four months clean. I have gone out once for 8 months and this last time for a year binging on crack. I turned to God i completed inpatient rehab and am now in outpatient. I know the odds are way against me and though recovery is possible it will be a long hard fight. I live at home with my two young girls and thier father he knows my eery move there is no room for even a tiny mistake. So when i have these few days when the kids are away at the sitters and he is at work, i feel like smoking more than ever. Even though i am pregnant and it would ruin me to hurt my baby i find myself rationalizing trying to get by these cravings. I guess my question is how do even five percent of us quit for good and what do i do with theses intense feelings of wanting to make a call that i know would ruin my life again. I cant go down that road again and make it back I know that. So what do I do? How can I just make it stop? Thanks

  11. Hi Rita

    You did the right thing about sharing about it that will help. But what would help more is sharing it with other women that have been right where you are. If you have went to inpatient rehab then you know I am talking about NA so this is what I would suggest go to a meeting and talk with the women get some phone number it works. I worked for me and still is working every day.

    good luck

    1. Hey buddy …keep talking to us on line even though it has destroyed all …together we can fight so if your-still out there please keep texting!!

  12. Im on day 4 after a heavy binge, spent 1000 on this stuff and realised enough is enough…jogging and sweating it out seems to help with cravings and i know for sure that reading these posts does wonders. , so thank you….

  13. My goodness! Thank goodness I came across this site! I feel better just reading this. I have to go to the gym now before work (something which seems to help). I’ve been listening to Anthony robbins everyday. The story is right (above). It IS psychological. I can stop and won’t have cravings. That’s because I moved out of the town where I could have easy access. The problem now is, every time I have to go up there for work, the feeling of that first hit takes over my brain and that’s all I can think about. No amount of Anthony Robbins, talking or anything will stop it… until I go through my whole wallet. The next day I always end up crying and regretting what I did. Before I do it, I always think…”don’t start… you know you won’t be able to stop”. However I always convince myself that I can stop. I think once we all realize that we’re powerless against this thing and that willpower enough cannot stop it, we will be on the road to controlling it.

    I have to meet a client that does coke tomorrow (which is always what gets me started). I’ve been listening to positive motivation cds non-stop this week trying to strengthen my resolve. I keep thinking about the place i want to move to my next year. If I can stop now… THIS WEEK… I KNOW beginning next year I will be having a happy life where I’m moving to. The big day is this coming Wednesday. Wish me luck. I’ll try to come back here Thursday or Friday to let you people know if I succeeded in beating the calling. I really hope i do. I really should have never tried this stuff.

    I pray for all of us.

    1. by the way… the reason I think I can stop this time is the following… I was supposed to meet my best friend this past Friday night at a car show. Since I was up north, and I was thinking about it all week, I decided to try “just a little” – NO GOOD! I couldn’t stop. Ended up not showing up at the car show and left my friend by himself. This is a friend who has stood by me through my divorce and several other crazy things in my life. He’s like my brother.

      I’ve since apologized (even that same night). I told him in retrospect it was the best thing to happen. I think doing something like that to him might have snapped me out of this thing. I WILL beat this tomorrow. I’m NOT going to give in. I’ll check back in. Take care all

      1. I hope you are doing well now if not don’t worry we have all messed up more times than we can remember with all good intentions this sounds cliché but take each day every step at a time don’t think too far into the future unless it’s something else other than crack you are thinking about. 99% of the dealers don’t take the stuff they just sell it and treat their customers like rubbish even as they take money off of them because they know users will do anything even sell their soul if they could to get this evil drug. Sure if crack was free it wouldn’t be a problem we say to ourselves but the next thing to go would be your health and quality of life and probably eventual death. I didn’t think I had an addictive personality until I tried this drug I included heroin in the mix because I was hooked on the see saw effect of getting off my face on the white then coming down on the brown. Don’t think too much about the money you wasted as that will just depress you even more and make you want to chuck the towel in and score and round and round in circles we go until you are flat broke and even more depressed. STOP and become strong again.

  14. I have been clean off Crack and Heroin for 1 month and 5 days and here in the UK the sun is shining I was craving big time but I managed to work my own mind through it by just going round my parents and staying put getting involved online like right now I found this site and it helped to read others battles. Those who are struggling think what you want most I find at the crave times it’s 49% wanting crack and 51% wanting to keep a few quid/dollars in my pocket ask yourself which is nicer and I realise what a lovely 15 minute buzz I could be having but for the sake of throwing my money away and risking my home it is simply not worth it you will start to look at the old crowd as “losers” and yourself as the “winner” you also see a lot of jealousy from those that see you are visibly getting clean you are welcome to email me for support I shall strive to get back to every single one of you and give support I shall be attending NA meetings myself in the future here in the UK. I wish to help Americans and my fellow Englishman /women alike or Africa or anywhere in the world please fight the cravings do what I do and get some films and music start to remember what you enjoyed before you started to use the dreaded crack. Trust me you will look at least 10 to 20 years younger when you stop using. I bet you are all kind hearted people that have fallen foul to this drug and have only ever been nasty in your life when under the influence of something like crack or alcohol etc. Be you be the nice person that you really are don’t think about regrets or those that despise you for your past behaviour let’s work together as a team help eachother stop and not use together we will be better than any humans on the planet because we know what it is like to experience weakness. God bless you all x

  15. My husband is crack addict..I have to leave him I cannot take it anymore. He does not want to seek help for his addiction. I am afraid of ending up on the streets because of his habit. He cannot quite for his son, I know he cannot do it for me. I had no contact with drugs until him, I do not understand how anyone knowing the effects of what hard drugs can do to you…take it. Drugs robs you of your dignity, self-respect, integrity and makes the individual incredible selfish. I applaud all the ex-addicts on this page for making the commitment to beat their addict. I can see it is a hard road but seeing the effects of how my husband lives his life. I think no-one in their right mind would choose a life of destructive and pain for 15 minutes of fake pleasure.

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