How can I get through heroin withdrawal

I would have to say that how you get through heroin withdrawal is a personal choice you can take the easy way out if you have insurance or the loot to do so, some places will even except medicated. If you do not happen to have any of the above mentioned then about the only choices you have is to either taper your self down from heroin or stop heroin cold turkey.

If you choose to stop using heroin with the taper method I would suggest that you start by reducing your heroin intake by a half bag or less per day this should help you to avoid any undesirable opiate withdrawals.

Tapering off of heroin is difficult

If you choose to stop using heroin with the taper method I would suggest that you start by reducing your heroin intake by a half bag or less per day this should help you to avoid any undesirable withdrawals but keep in mind that this method will not work for everyone because it requires a lot of willpower and this is not a thing most addicts possess or they would just quit heroin and go on with their lives.


How to get through withdrawal from heroin

The next method of how to get through opiate withdrawal is called how to stop using heroin at home cold turkey. This will be the most difficult of all of heroin detox. It involves quitting heroin without any other medications to fall back on when things get tough except over the counter drugs like Motrin and Benadryl. This type of detox will be painful and may take 3 to 5 days to get through the worst of it. If you are dead set on going through with this my recommendation is that you find someone to come stay with you while you withdrawal from heroin. They may be the deciding factor whether you get clean and sober  or continue using heroin.

I have used this method for withdrawal and actually made through it is pretty hard way to learn how to stop using heroin but like a said with someone there to encourage you will help tremendously. One will want to have a plan in place for when there finish their heroin detox without a plan you are doomed to repeat the same old behavior again. A good plan may be as simple as attending NA meetings daily.

Now you can go to any treatment center or rehab but if you have struggled in the past to get clean then you might have to find something that works for you. Not all treatment centers are the same they have different lengths of stays and detox. Choose a drug rehabilitation treatment center that can offer a more personalized approach in defeating substance and alcohol addiction.

How to make it through heroin cold turkey without drinking or using other drugs


Heroin, like crack and other seriously addictive drugs is a hard drug to give up and extremely difficult without any help whatsoever. But for people who have the willpower, it can be done.

Giving up heroin can take time and that first few days to a week when the body goes through withdrawal cold turkey is the hardest time. So be prepared with a few essentials in advance.

Water is essential as it detoxifies the body’s system much faster. Going through heroin addition withdrawal is hard on the body and for the first few days, eating anything at all may be far from your mind, but try to graze on bread and peanut butter during this period and most addicts I know have a sweet tooth and crave chocolate so stock up on that also. Even little bits will add the protein needed to help keep your strength up during the worst of the symptoms.

Keep sports drinks like Gatorade on hand which is known to restore the body’s electrolytes. This is necessary because you won’t be able to keep anything down during those first bad days. Stomach upsets are one of the worst symptoms and it can take a lot out of you.

Only quit cold turkey if you are in basically good health and are able to fight the drug. If you are weak or have other symptoms or medical diagnosis unrelated to heroin addition, it’s not advisable to even attempt to quit heroin without medical help. There is no shame in asking for help and there are other drugs available that will make the way easier if you don’t want to stop using heroin cold turkey.

I have personally kicked cold turkey heroin without drinking or using other drugs. It was not easy but on the other hand neither was getting another bag of heroin day after day.

Staying sober requires an aftercare plan

It is very important to have a heroin addiction recovery plan in place before you start your detox from heroin. Why this is necessary is that a lot of people forget that once they become clean they have to stay that way; furthermore this applies to everyone that goes to rehab.

If you have made the decision to stop using drugs then you are on the right path. I know for certain that recovery is possible and lost dreams do awaken so why not seek help right away.

I am living proof that anyone can stop using and find a new way to live all it takes is the willingness to do something different after all aren’t you tired of wondering where your next fix is gong to come from.

Long term drug rehab may be the answer for chronic relapse

If you are willing to do what I did to stay sober then you stand a better than average chance of staying clean also. If you do happen to have relapsed on heroin then please do not give up. Pick yourself up and go to a meeting as soon as possible and if you need to go to treatment again I would think about going to long term drug rehab.

I give credit to God and long term treatment for my sobriety today because without it I would more than likely have died from a heroin overdose. In any case it will give you time to get back on your feet again.

If you have been to rehab before and are prone to relapse it may be a good idea to go to a long term drug treatment facility. I know a lot of you have a ton of excuses why you don’t want to go like you are afraid to be away from your wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend but here’s the thing if you are a full blown heroin addict like I was then you can just about bet that they are not going to stick around long. If they are using too then long term is the best place for you.

Withdrawing from any opiate drug can be difficult and that may be putting it a bit mildly. All people experience drug withdrawal a little bit different.

I relapsed on heroin many times because I did not want to do what my predecessors did to stay clean and sober. When I finally began to use the suggestions I was able to get clean and stay that way. I know that all of you can stay sober too just do what I have suggested here and you can stop abusing drugs.

One thing everyone out there should keep in mind is that heroin today is very pure in content. It seems like every time I turn on the news lately that another you person has lost their life from an overdose of heroin.

Looking back about ten yrs or so you could find heroin readily at 17% and today its not uncommon to find heroin at 60 to 85% that’s pretty doggone powerful dope.

I decided to update this post a little there is nothing really new heroin its still kick butt and is not particular of whose it kicks. Like I stated earlier it is very pure and a lot of people are dying from opiate related overdose.

I want to add an extra caution for those of you that take xanax to try and boost their high please do not mix heroin and xanax this is a deadly combination; futthermore, what happen is that one can fall asleep and never wake up. I am pretty sure that this will not deter anyone that is intent on doing this although it may help someone.

Recently there has been a record number of heroin overdose. One of the reason we see this huge increase is that dealers are cutting it with Fentanyl which can be as much as 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. My suggestion is that if you unsure how strong the drugs you are buying are just do a little to start and play it safe you can always do more if its not enough…


Long term opiate addiction rehab

I am surrounded by recovering addicts I have a close friend that recently checked himself into long term rehab in fact it is the same one I went to over ten years ago. If you have been to conventional heroin rehab in the past and ended up relapsing on heroin or other opiates then I would suggest that you strongly consider going to long term drug rehab. If you do decide to go to a long term drug term drug treatment facility then I would look for one that you can stay for at least a year this will help you begin to start thinking a bit more clearly.

I have done some research on post acute withdrawal symptoms and they can last as long as 2 years so basically it would be a good idea to be patient because if you are indeed an addict after you will be fighting this disease for the rest of your life. I can tell you that after you put a little clean time together things will become easier for you.

Good luck

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