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26 Tips to Help Addicts and Alcoholics Stay Clean and Sober

Tips that can help alcoholics and drug addicts stay clean and sober

1.  Don’t get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.

The reason for this is when you get to hungry lonely or tired it opens the door for the diseases and the possibility of relapse.

2. Eat a well balanced meals.

It is important to eat a well balanced meal to keep you healthy. I think when we are not healthy are resistance to fight the disease is down; for instance, when you get the flu you feel run down. While you are feeling run down your resistance to fight the disease will also be down.

3. Exercise regularly

This important when you are fit and in shape you feel better. Exercise also helps with depression. This is great because as recovering addicts or alcoholics we do get depressed.

4. Attend meetings on a regular basis.

I can’t stress this enough. Attending meetings helps you get around other people like yourself. It allows you to share things that may be bothering you and allows you to grow in your recovery. It also helps you to not relapse. I have heard hundreds of people share when they came back from a relapse that they had quit going to meetings.

5. Get a sponsor.

I would have to say this is extremely important. When choosing a sponsor find someone that you can use for a role model; for instance, I really like my sponsor’s message and his spiritual connection with his HP. A sponsor should have a minimum of 2 years clean.

6. Go to church.

Try going to church it don’t have to be a specific domination. Just go to get out of yourself and to work on your connection with a HP.

7. Meditate.

There are millions of ways to meditate in my opinion there is no wrong way. Just find a quiet place and practice quieting your mind. It will take practice. Sometimes I use a meditation CD like the ones with the birds and running water. It is very relaxing.

8. Go to a movie

This is for me the best escape in the world. It allows me to forget every thing and relax for two hours. I believe our minds need that sort of vacation from time to time.

9. Read recovery literature.

Recover literature is enlightening and may answer questions you have. It also keeps you focused so you do not forget where you came from.

10. Go to recovery functions like a dance.

This is a cool way to socialize talk with men and women like yourself and maybe even dance with a couple because we need to learn how to have fun in recovery.

11. Have coffee with other recovering addicts-alcoholics.

When we go to coffee we play cards and talk about the steps. We do not always just talk about recovery keep in mind that we do have lives outside of NA.

12. Go out for dinner treat yourself.

It is good to treat yourself this is a great way to show that you like yourself and your favorite dish is icing on the cake. If you want to eat alone that’s fine. It is good for us to spend a little time alone and I did say a little time! an addict alone is in bad company.

13. Treat others like you would treat your self.

I think we need to learn to respect others and learn to love them despite their defects. We certainly did not respect others in our using days and least of all ourselves.

14. Stay away from slippery places bars, old friends, etc.

When we first get clean it is suggested that we lose are old friends and delete their phone numbers. There is a saying around the tables if you go to the barbershop enough times you will eventually get a haircut. I think that is self explanatory.

15. Write the steps.

When I first began writing the steps my sponsor told me that it was his way of showing that he loves himself. It also helps us to learn about our true selves. It opens the door for growth and allows us to become loving and caring human beings. We will find out that we are not hopelessly bad people.

16. Call recovering people.

We need to practice picking up the phone because it is often our lifeline. It helps us in times of difficulty to share with another recovering addict.

17. Hang out with your family if they don’t use.

This great way to begin to repair the wreckage of our past and show them the new person we are becoming. It gives us the opportunity to renew our love for each other and maybe even get forgiveness. We all have a desire to be loved.

18. Try helping someone the rewards are indescribable.

My thing is to help someone and not tell anyone about it. When you help someone from your heart you will not need the praise from others it will feel good by just doing it.

19. Have some fun go fishing or do some other sport you enjoy.

It is very relaxing to be on the water at daybreak and watch the sun come up and the birds and nature come alive. It is somehow very magical and spiritual.

20. Join a home group.

We are fond of saying in NA get a home group don’t be homeless. It is good to be a part of something. We often plan outings at home group meetings like picnics, bowling, pool tournaments and so on.

21. Go back to school.

OK here is the lowdown on school. My therapist told me when I first got clean that I could be anything I wanted to be and for the first time in my life I believed it. Go back to school and be all you can be lost dreams awaken.

22. Go for a long walk.

A long walk is food for the spirit. It also is good for all parts of your body. I like to think as it like this. A healthy body is a healthy mind and we sure as hell want a sound mind when dealing with addiction we need all the tools we can get.

23. Try an old hobby you used to enjoy.

Put together a model or work a puzzle. These are great ways to relax. It is also a way to find balance and many of us truly need balance in our busy lives.

24.  Keep a daily journal.

This is a great way to take a personal inventory. It is a great way to check our behavior. We can reflect on the things we need to work on as well as feel good about nice things we have done to help other addicts.

25.  Pray every day.
Praying every day is a great way to stay in touch with our HP plus it will allow you to grow spiritually. The only time many of us prayed in our using days was to ask God for help to get us out of some kind of mess we had created.

26. Underneath every skirt there is a slip.

You will want to use caution when you remove the skirt because there may be a slip!! I can not count the number of addicts and alcoholics that have relapsed during a new relationship or old one for that matter.

27. I like to stress that massive action is the key to overcoming drug addiction. There are many ways to take action but I think attending meetings on a daily basis when one first starts their recovery journey.


These are some good tips to help any alcoholic stop drinking and stay sober

So there you have it, 26 recovery tips so you no longer have an excuse to continue drinking or using drug because its all laid out for you here. If you would like to more information how to recover from alcoholism or alcohol addiction here are 61 more tips to help you stay clean and sober.

I am a recovering addict and it is my opinion that it is vitally important that everyone who is trying to overcome alcoholism or drug addiction to have a game plan. Now keep in mind that this can be as simple or as complex a plan as you desire but the important this is do not leave home without one.

Drug addiction recovery plan

I think a good drug addiction recovery plan is a very important piece of the puzzle and would be a great way how to help alcoholics or drug addicts, it would included either AA or NA meetings daily and perhaps some addiction therapy. The rest is up to you all you have to do is sit down with a pen and some paper and come up with your own addiction recovery plan. Why not make your plans to stay drug free today?

I think every one who really wants to recover and actually better themselves instead of just staying clean they should devise a plan. Sure being clean is the first step but after a while you will understand that there is more to recovery than just staying sober.

Good luck