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Best way to Withdrawal from opiates using at home remedies

If you intend to use at home remedies to help ease the symptoms of withdrawing from opiates at home then there are some inexpensive over the counter medications that you can purchase from most pharmacies to help you detox safely.

One of which is to get some diarrhea medication that contains Imodium, you will also need some Tylenol and Motrin to help with leg cramping; furthermore, they will also help for general muscle aches and pains.

I would also get some Benadryl and Valerian Root to help with insomnia and if you happen to have some xanax on hand they help improve your odds of actually making it through your detox successfully simply because of the sedative powers that benzodiazepines are known to have.

How to make withdraw from heroin easier with OTC Meds

Woman with headache Original Filename: 86059494.jpgIt is possible that anyone can learn how to make heroin withdrawal easier to manage. If your family doctor is aware of what you are going to do then maybe they would be willing to prescribe you a anxiety medication to make your detox a bit more tolerable.

If you can not afford going to a high priced substance abuse rehab then maybe you’ll want to stop using heroin at home, this can be done using prescription medications or inexpensive over-the-counter medications.

What medications should I use for detox?

If you intend to use the at home heroin detox then the first thing you will need to do is figure out what kind the medications you want to help for opiate withdrawal ease.

Xanax alone is not going to cover all of your opiate withdrawal symptoms so you’re definitely going to have to get some OTC medications from your local pharmacy.

Another thing I would suggest would be getting some Motrin and Tylenol to help you deal with leg cramps and headaches you will also need some Imodium AD to help with bouts of diarrhea. While there you should also pick up some Benadryl this will help you with any insomnia that may occur.

I would also invite a trusted friend to come stay with you during the detox from heroin they can be your personal cheering sections so to speak. Just having the presence of someone there may be the deciding factor of whether you actually make it through the detox process or not because most people give up before they are halfway through.

Withdrawal symptoms of opiates

addiction-tjpg Muscle aches

Watery eyes

Goose bumps

Nausea and vomiting


Leg cramps

Aches and pains in joints




Large pupils



Runny nose

Restless leg syndrome

Whats better for “opiate detox” Suboxone or Librium?

Past and present detox methods. Back in the day before suboxone became invented and which is now probably the most used mediation for detox from all opiates in drug treatment facilities around the world, rehabs relied on Benzodiazepine drugs like Librium to treat opiate addiction.

Now days it is used in very few treatment centers but you can still find some that use it. In fact, my first experience with detoxoing heroin in the mid eighty’s was with Librium in a 90 day drug rehab; furthermore, long term drug rehags are pretty much a thing of the past.

Suboxone is a much better choice when used in drug rehabs because benzodiazepine medications used in high doses tend to get patients intoxicated and stumbling around the rehab.

Rehab is better than cold turkey heroin

If at home method did not work out well for you please do not give up there is another option which is checking into an opiate rehab for a medical detox from heroin. I am sure you will find this much better than going heroin cold turkey at home.

The detox process and withdrawal length is around 5 days but expect on spending a total of around 15 days if you go to rehab so plan accordingly.

What happens in substance addiction rehab?

If you do go to substance abuse treatment the first thing that generally happens is you will be met by a staff member who will search your luggage and personal belongings to ensure that you are not bringing any drugs or alcohol into the rehab facility. This is to protect everyone and provide a safe living environment for all patients.

Next you will be shown to your room and probably given some medication to help with any withdrawal symptoms you will be experiencing. After you have completed phase one of your detox you will go directly to residential treatment.

What you will experience in residential treatment

Everyone will be required to attend lectures, group therapy, one on one substance addiction counseling, and 12 step meetings like NA and AA. These meetings will be what helps you to remain clean after leaving rehab and returning home. The idea behind this fast paced type of treatment is to provide you with some addiction recovery tools to help you to stay clean and sober in the future.

How to remain drug free after leaving heroin addiction rehab
A good way for any addict to begin their recovery after just leaving rehab would be to hone in on creating a new way of life. Keep in mind that this should be something which will motivate you enough to replace your old way of thinking and living. The idea here is to let you see just how beautiful life can be without abusing drugs and alcohol.

It is possible to take back control of our lives if we find something we are passionate about. I would suggest that you start trying some new things or maybe you could revisit and old hobby or perhaps you always wanted to go back to school but your drug use would not permit it or some of you may have though about changing careers. Once we stop using drugs anything becomes possible!

Being bored lets are minds begin to run a muck thinking about all sorts of outrageous nonsense; furthermore, 12 step programs call this stinking thinking. This kind of thinking is for example, thinking that I just am not happy unless I am using drugs or drinking or poor me syndrome like if you had my problems you would use too. If one keeps this up the next thing you know it will be pour me another drink. Recovery is a process of action. We must take action every single day if we are going to stay sober.

Anyone coming back from relapsing on heroin of any other drug should seek treatment immediately. One of the best ways to do this is get on the phone and call some treatment facilities in your area and make an appointment to come in for opiate detox. It is never to late to quit using drugs another good reason to stop now the heroin is so pure and it changes from dealer to dealer one drug dealer may be selling almost pure heroin while another has cut his down somewhat. This is why so many addicts lose there lives to heroin overdose.!

I personally went to rehab so many times that I am unable to remember them all but what I do remember is that I in no way shape or form had any thing that remotely resembled a drug addiction recovery plan.

I do remember getting out of rehab a couple times and using heroin as soon as I could get my hands on some. If you happen to be new to recovery I would sit down and make a list of what you can do every single day to help you to stay clean and sober.

A plan can be as simple or as complex as you like. Mine consited of what meetings I planed on attending each day, exercise, and calling other recovering addicts, I would go for a long walk every day also..

Good luck

Heroin detox at home

How to detox from opiates at home

How can I get through heroin withdrawal

Heroin detox at home

How to detox from opiates at home

How can I get through heroin withdrawal